Xcel FAQ

Posted: 12.16.2014

The latest Xcel FAQ has been posted on the USA Gymnastics website.

This has some valuable clarifications that coaches and judges should have.



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Petition Forms

Posted: 12.12.2014

Xcel, Level 9 & 10 athletes who are unable to compete at State Championship due to injury may petition to compete at Regionals.

Level 9 & 10 Petition form

Xcel Petition form

No petition is allowed for Level 7 or 8 athletes since these athletes qualify by placement. All Level 7 & 8 athletes must compete at State Championships in order to qualify to Level 7 Regionals and Level 8 Regionals.

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Judges' Mileage Reimbursement For 2015

Posted: 12.12.2014

Attention Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Judges and Meet Directors:
Effective January 1, 2015, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $.57 per mile to reflect the recent increase in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2015.

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Judges Availability, In Gym and Tracking Forms

Posted: 11.12.2014

Judges Availability, In Gym and Tracking forms are all available here.

You must download and save forms. Then complete forms and save again. All of these forms can be filled in online with the exception of the chart for In Gym. The In Gym form must be signed by coach, so you can fill in your information, print, write in chart information and ask coach to sign. The Tracking Form may not total. It works for some, but not for others.

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Floor Exercise Border Matting

Posted: 11.12.2014

The matting for Floor Exercise border has been extended. The matting must extend a minimum of 5’ feet from the edge of the boundary line and extend a minimum of 6’ from the corner of the carpet down each side of the Floor Exercise area.
If you have downloaded 2014-2015 Rules and Policies to your computer or tablet before 11/11/14 please download again for all updates.

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Level 9 Easterns

Posted: 11.12.2014

Will be held at Osceola Heritage Park Exhibition Hall in Kissimmee, Fla. This is being hosted by the Central Florida Sports Commission and Orlando Metro Gymnastics. The NTS hotel blocks will go live January 26th.

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Thank you Volunteers

Posted: 11.12.2014

None of our Training Camps could happen without volunteers. Region 8 thanks all volunteers who helped at Training Camp in 2014!


Jennie Adams NC SACC
Kristi Aguilar National Judge
Gene Alexin Gymstars
Donna Alexin Gymstars
Amy Arnts Judge
Jane Baesman National Judge
Toby Barentine Elmwood
Colleen Barger Tampa Bay
Martin Barraclough Gymn Unlimited
Cookie Batsche Brevet Judge
Joshlyn Bess Auburn
Sam Brown All American
Stephen Buckner U of AL
John Carney U of Missouri
Catherine Caserta North Shore Flairs
Evelyn Chandler Brevet NJD
Kyle Citty Broadway
Sennie Clark Georgia All-Stars
Teri Costa Judge
Ashanee Dickerson Gymn Unlimited
Bobby DiRugeris LaFleur's Largo
Sharon Doyle National Judge
Marian Dykes Brevet - RTCC
Brenda Eberhardt National Judge
Catherine Fariz National Judge
Trish Faust Cabarrus County
Dan Fields American Twisters
Rebecca Fort Ocean Flippers
Ray Gnat ACE
Nataliya Golberg North Shore
Laurel Hambrick West Georgia
Brad Harris TBT
Kerma Headrick National Judge
Davita Ivey Charleston Twisters
Kim Joye National Judge
Dana Kelly Acad of Charleston
Kelly Keown Carrollton
Debby Kornegay Brevet - RACC
Kathy Kuhn Brevet Judge
Ashley Lamborn Beach Team
Sibby Lane National Judge
Jackie Latino All Star
Terri Laymon Judge
Kristi Lebkowsky All Star
Ben Ledl Tift
Louie Liguori Ocean Flippers
Bill Lorenz U of AL
Alyssa Loring Southern Starz
Brianna Louison Gymn World of GA
Robin Magee Bengal
Krista Maloney Iowa State
Stephanie Martalbano CG's Gymnastics
Mary McDaniel Kentucky
Christine McDonald Central MI
Brad McLaren Gymnastix
Susan Monahan National Judge
Nathan Moore All Star
Lisa Music Gymn Unlimited
Bryan Neal Cypress Pointe
Doug Neiman Gym Like This
Rene Nicollai Brevet
Randy Parrish Acad of Charleston
Ron Patt Raleigh School
Matt Pettinger Memphis Point
Stephanie Phillips National Judge
Karen Pleasants National Judge
Michelle Pomerantz GA SACC
Portia Propst National Judge
Sheila Ragle Brevet - RJD
Gerson Ramirez GAA
Toni Rand Brevet FL SACC
Bryan Raschilla U of AL
Jason Rawlings Orlando Metro
Louis Robinson Alabama Elite
Jessica Sedgwick Prattville YMCA
Ludmilla Shobe Southeastern
Tetyana Skrypnyk High Point
Sarah Smith Gwinnett
Terri Smith Sonshine
Geoffry Stafford Kpac
Sharyn Strickland National Judge
Daniel Tarca Tatarus
Mary Thacker National Judge
Ashley Thompson Extreme
Diane Thompson Brevet Judge
John Thorpe Sonshine
Nic Tomasette LaFleur's Largo
Susie Vahala Sumerville
Natalia Valter GAA
Joyce Wallace National Judge
Brock White National Judge
Scott Wilson Team Attraction
Katie Woodward Gymstars
Rachel Worley Judge
Mindy Yaeger Cabarrus County
Mary Kate Young Gymnastix

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Thank you!!

Posted: 11.12.2014

Region 8 USA Gymnastics thanks 2014 Regional hosts. Jon Aardema and GAA did a fabulous job hosting the largest Region 8 Level 9 & 10 Regionals ever! Kim Morrow, Mindy Yaeger and Cabarrus County Gymnastics were great hosts for Level 7 & 8 Regionals! Constance Snyder and Foothills Gymnastics hosted a fabulous competition for over 1,300 Xcel athletes!

Thank you to Gymnastix for hosting Level 7 & 8 Training Camp. Their fabulous facility provided a great atmosphere for close to 100 athletes. National Team Training Camp was at University of Georgia. Region 8’s top Level 9 & 10’s had great time in an outstanding gymnastics facility. Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp had a wait list of athletes again! Thanks to Orlando Metro for opening their gym to all these wonderful athletes. Of course, none of these Training Camps would happen with all the great volunteers willing to give their week-end to coach these fabulous athletes.

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Concussion Webinar

Posted: 11.11.2014

In case you missed it last week, USA Gymnastics presented a webinar on concussions with special guest Dr. David Kruse last week that everyone could benefit from. If you have time to watch it and want to share it with your membership, you can find it HERE.

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Posted: 11.11.2014


A Practical Guide to Achieving Athletic Success


James I. Millhouse, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Sport Psychologist

USOC Sport Psychology Registry since 1985


My recently published book "The Parents Manual of Sport Psychology" is now available on Amazon.

The book explains components of the mental game that every athlete needs to know, provides parents ideas about how to handle many common challenges and discusses guidelines for parent involvement to avoid many of the problems we commonly encounter as coaches.

It has 3 major points of value to the parent, athlete and coach. More specifically:

1. The first section reviews my Essential Concepts mental training program which teaches the mental game used by the best athletes in the world to be their best and avoid problems. For over 20 years athletes have used this program to set new personal records, many of them NCAA, Olympic and World championships.

2. The second part of the book explains the nature of common challenges many young athletes face such as fear of failure, performance anxiety, dealing with pressure and gives parents guidance in helping their child master these challenges.

3. Most coaches find undesirable parental involvement to be one of their biggest distractions and time wasters. The third part of the book discusses aspects of the parent role, overinvolvement and provides guidelines for a constructive parent role.



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