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Comversion Chart AAI EVO- Black Bars

By Debby Kornegay 01/15/2020, 5:30pm EST

Entering Regional Competitions

By Debby Kornegay 01/15/2020, 2:30pm EST

Region 8 Committee Minutes 12/10/2019

By Debby Kornegay 01/15/2020, 1:15pm EST

State Chairman Elections Coming Soon! Nominations Requested

By Debby Kornegay 01/15/2020, 12:15pm EST

Coach Needed

By Deb Kornegay 12/05/2019, 8:45am EST

Floor Exercise Music Approval Form

By Deb Kornegay 11/04/2019, 3:00pm EST

In Good Standing List

By Deb Kornegay 10/30/2019, 5:00pm EDT

In Gym and Tracking Form for 2021 Regionals

By Deb Kornegay 08/31/2019, 12:30pm EDT

Tim Rand Legends Form

By Deb Kornegay 08/21/2019, 4:45pm EDT

Region 8 Summer Newsletter

By Deb Kornegay 07/27/2019, 11:30am EDT

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 56