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State Chairman Elections Coming Soon! Nominations Requested

By Debby Kornegay, 01/15/20, 12:15PM EST




 Nomination Form

Women’s State Administrative Committee Chair (SACC) Position


All present Region 8 State Chairman except Jennie Adams from North Carolina plan to run again.  If you are happy with your present State Chairman, please nominated them.  If you are not content with your present state chairman , please read information below and speak to people you think would be a good choice to see if they are willing to run for State Chairman and then nomination them  Nomination Form is at the bottom of this article.


All nominees must be USA Gymnastics Women’s Program Professional Members in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years immediately prior to the nomination, be at least 21 years old and meet the prerequisites in Article V of the Operating Code Section L found posted in the Rules section of the USA Gymnastics website, Women’s Program home page. The term of office will begin July 1st, 2020, and will run until the next election in 2022.


Nominations are to be sent to the Regional Administrative Committee Chairperson no later than March 1, 2020.



  1. Must have been active within that State's program for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the candidates have
  • financial skills,
  • organizational skills,
  • communication skills,
  • a working knowledge of the program,
  • a willingness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position.

            (See Duties and Responsibilities - Operating Code)






The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) is responsible for the overall organization of all designated qualifying events and programs within their State. The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) shall work in close cooperation with the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC), Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC) and the Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC) to effectuate State programs. Any problems that cannot be solved by the State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) should be submitted to the appropriate regional personnel.


A.     Be directly responsible to their Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC).

B.     Serve as a voting member of the Regional Administrative Committee (RAC).

C.     Must submit all committee meeting agendas and subsequent minutes to their respective Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) prior to distribution.

D.     Serve as the USA Gymnastics Women's Program consultant for that State and answer any correspondence directed to that office.  

E.      Send copies of correspondence to the appropriate regional personnel.

F.      Be responsible for overseeing the Junior Olympic Sectional and State Championships in their state, at least once per year.

G.     Conduct the annual state meeting of Women's Program Professional members.

H.     Submit financial reports to the Chief Financial Officer or his designee as directed.

I.      Assure that these competitions follow USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies.

J.      Attend the State Championships meets or send a state committee member as the USA Gymnastics representative.

K.     Provide State Administrative Committee (SAC) representation at all sectional meets and above.

L.      Make recommendations to the Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC) and the Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC) concerning petitions into the Regional Competitions.

M.    Establish procedures to raise operating funds for the state, if necessary. The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) may, with the approval of the State Administrative Committee (SAC), determine and/or collect competition and/or club fees for the purpose of raising operating funds for the state. All fees will be retained in the State account for use as determined by the State Administrative Committee (SAC).

N.     Publish minutes of all State Administrative Committee Meetings.

  • Shall be accountable for all state funds and publish each year the financial statement reflecting activity as of July 1 – June 30.Failure to comply with the following policies and procedures results in notification to the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman.Non-compliance may result in removal from office.See Article X – Removal.
  • Credit card expenses must be reconciled with a check request monthly.  A period of 90 consecutive days or 3 months of statements without reconciliation results in de-activation of the credit card until the expenses are brought up to date.



  • Financial accounts, including reporting on meets, recording deposits, and submitting credit card expenses must be in good standing for the Chairman to be eligible to run for election in the next term.

P.     Provide for a State Administrative Committee, the number and type of positions to be determined by each state, in order to best serve the needs of the program in the state.

Q.     Inform the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) and other appropriate Regional Administrative Committee members of any actions contrary to the Rules and Policies of USA Gymnastics. The Regional office shall inform the appropriate National Chairman of any problems. After due investigation, corrective measures shall be recommended by the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC).

R.     The e-mail address published in the Women’s Rules and Policies Program Directory is required to be current and checked regularly.  Failure to respond to communication within 14 days will result in notification to the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman.  A letter advising the individual of their failure to comply will be sent.  The individual will be given 14 days to respond to the letter.  If no response is received, removal will be considered.  See Article X – Removal.

S.     Publish a newsletter as necessary (or as directed by the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC)). This newsletter shall include new information related to the USA Gymnastics program, results of competitions, dates of events, official bulletins from committees.

T.     Send state newsletters to the membership of the state, and to the Jr. Olympic Program Director and the National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (NJOCC), the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC), and the National Technical Committee Chairman (NTCC).

U.     The SACC or a designated proxy will attend National and Regional Congresses and all designated meetings, with travel and expenses funded by the state account.