Winter 2011 Entire Newsletter

Posted: 01.27.2011


Entire Winter 2011 Newsletter is available below.


Region 8 Newsletter Winter 2011
Every gym needs to set up their roster NOW ahead of the State meet. The roster is kept in MeetMaker forever so after state meet you will just have to go to the registration page. All you will need is internet access and their MeetMaker login info (for apple users Safari does not work they will need to use FireFox or NetScape) to enter your athletes in Level 7 & 8, Level 9 & 10 and/or PREP Regionals. Go to to set up roster. Detailed instructions below.
There are help pages on the MeetMaker help page you can print these out and they will show you what you should see. At any time you can contact Jason Braun or call 336 407 0896
Create a PROFILE for your gym in MeetMaker (by clicking “New Gym”), the login email is where all MeetMaker email will be sent this includes; lost password and, the registration and online payment information email sent to them. Fill in all fields Address, phone, etc.
Scroll down and click the “Add Organization” button; select the organization you belong too (you can have more than one org. in a gyms profile), fill in the number field and expiration date and if you are “Active” or “Pending”. Then click “SAVE”
Click the “MY ROSTER” link this will set up your roster so you can enter meets. You can enter the gymnast manually by clicking “Add New Gymnast” (you must fill in all fields for your roster to be saved then go to step 15) or you can load your roster from the USA-Gymnastics web page see below:
To load a gyms roster from the USAG site (you will need a USAG login number and password). You will need to use FireFox or Internet Explorer for this; Apple Safari will not pick up all the data. (If you are computer savvy follow the instruction on the download page in MeetMaker they are not as detailed and then pick up at step 15)
1.     Click the Import link in the box on top of the gymnast roster.
2.     Scroll down to the Import Roster instructions
3.     In Step 1 click the Link to open a USAG page window or tab (this depends on your browser and settings)
4.     On the USAG web page click the link that says OBTAIN CLUB ROSTER
5.     You will need to enter your USAG User name and password
6.     In the search grid type in the 6 digit club number in the CLUB ID box (if there are only 5 numbers in a clubs ID put the number 0 in front of it to make it 6 numbers)
7.     Click the SUBMIT button
8.      You can click the “EDIT” on the menu bar and then click “SELECT ALL” or hold the “CTRL” key on your keyboard and then the “A” key. This should highlight or grey out all the words on the USAG page.
9.     You can then click the “EDIT” on the top menu bar and then click “COPY” or hold the “CTRL” key on your key board and then the “C” key. (Nothing will change at this point do not click any other keys, as it will not keep the info to copy)
10.Go Back to the MeetMaker import window or tab scroll down below Step 6 and click the “RIGHT” mouse button in the box that says “PASTE TEXT HERE”
11.You can click the “EDIT” on the menu bar and then click “PASTE” or hold the “CTRL” key on your keyboard and then the “V” key. This will put all the text in the box.
12.Select the Gender of the gymnast you want to import
13.Click the “IMPORT” button, click this only once. (if you click it twice it might not copy all the data, if it is a large team it may take some time)
14.This will take you back to the “MY ROSTER” page. All the new gymnast info will be highlighted (the color depends on your browser and settings)
15.Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the “SAVE ROSTER” button (if you exit this page or click another link without clicking “SAVE” it will not save the import)
16.You will need to edit the levels of the Prep Optional gymnast if you are using a different name other then “PREP OPT” for these levels in your meet entries or if your gymnast is competing a different level than they are registered in USAG use the [+] to open a gymnast info.
17.Scroll down and click “SAVE ROSTER” if you did step 16
18.To enter a coach you will have to do this manually click the “Add New Coach”(if you are not taking coaches registrations you do not need to do this) if you are filling this info out you will need to fill out all fields including the “ACTIVE/PENDING” field, and use the level “GYMNASTICS COACH” in the level grid.
19.Scroll down and click “SAVE ROSTER” if you did step 18

To enter a club in the meet (Use internet explorer for best results or Mac users can use FireFox):
1.     Go to the “MEETS” link on the top menu bar of MeetMaker.
2.     Scroll down until you see the meet you want to enter.
3.     Click the “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” link on the right side of the meet you want to register for.
4.     For each gymnast attending the meet you will need to click the “Register” box next to their name.
5.     If they are going to count for the team score then click the “Team Member” box next to their name. (some browser total the number of gymnast some do not)
6.     If there is a special request for a gymnast you can enter this in the “NOTES” field and the other fields that apply to that gymnast of that gymnast.
7.     Scroll down and enter coaches if they are taking registration for these.
8.     Scroll down and click “CONTINUE” to go the registration confirmation page.
9.     On this page you will have to enter payment information if it is an online payment meet.
10.The check the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” box, enter any request for the registering gym and enter your password.
11.Scroll down and click the “SUBMIT REGISTRATION” button.
12.This will open a confirmation number page; this will be emailed to the registering gym and the meet director.
If you have selected a gymnast for Petition, the gymnast will not be charges to your account until they are approved for the meet.
Regional Championship Hotels
You can link right to the MeetMaker page here is the links for the different meets

Please be sure that you have ALL necessary information at your State Meet to enter your gymnasts in the Regional Meets -- USAG athlete number, birthdate, etc. – ALL Regional entries will be done online.
Regional Commitment forms MUST be turned in to your State Chairman (or designated official) at your State Meet -- within the specified time.
If a gymnast's Regional Meet Commitment form is NOT turned in at the State Meet; in order to enter the gymnast(s) in the Regional Meet the following penalty will apply to the coach:
- a $25.00 late fee per gymnast (in addition to the regular entry fee) must be paid to the Regional Meet Director
PETITIONS: (No petitions for PREP, Level 7 or 8 Regionals)
1. Any petitions should be mailed to the RTC, Marian Dykes -- it is YOUR responsibility to get all information needed for petitions.
2. Marian must RECEIVE petition NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY following State Meet.
3. You should call, FAX or E-mail Marian to notify her that a petition is coming. (770-451-6910 Ph, 770-457-0943 Fax or Marian )
4.      All petitioning gymnasts must be entered online. Payment will not be processed until petition is approved.
5.    Complete Petition Form available online at Fax a copy of Petition Form to
       Debby Kornegay 205-951-0184
6.    A photocopy of one pre-state, sanctioned meet results from the current season (at the level to which they        are petitioning) showing a score at least one (1.00) point greater than the regional qualifying score.
To be allowed onto the floor of competition, all coaches MUST show their current USA Gymnastics pro membership card with Safety Certification and Background Check expiration dates at Coaches sign in. 
Level 9 & 10 coaches - you need to have with you ALL necessary information to enter your gymnasts in the National meets - entry fees will be paid by Tim Rand Fund. You will need club checks for any JO National apparel that you wish to purchase.
Petition Form for Level 9 & 10 Regionals
Petition form for Level 9 and 10 Regionals is available here.  All petitions are due by Wednesday after your Level 9 & 10 State Meet. You may enter petitioned gymnasts at and payment will not be due until petition is approved.
Region 8 Committee Minutes from 12/17/2010
Region 8 Committee Meeting
December 17, 2010
Alario Center
New Orleans, LA
9:17 am
Members present:           
Debby Kornegay – RACC                                    Jon Aardema – GA
Marian Dykes – RTCC                                    Jackie Latino – LA
Brad Harris – RJOCC                                    Nancy Hawkins – MS
Deb Walls – AL                                                Jennie Adams – NC
Toni Rand – FL                                                Joanne Child – SC
                                                                        Larry Corrigan – TN Absent
Beginning Items on agenda led by Deb K:
·      Appointed Jennie Adams as secretary.
·      Thank you notes received since the last meeting in September were distributed.
·      Circulated Committee address and information sheet to be updated
·      Handed out a copy of current Operating Code
·      Went over calendar changes to be placed in Planner – listed in bold on pink sheet. Changes occurred for 2012 because of a shift in date of NCAA Nationals
·      Made members aware of Region 8 Rules and Regulation Compilation sheet with changes in orange.
Regional Financial Report
·      Deb presented a sheet showing the Regional and States finances obtained from the new USAG Accounting site. She asked for questions and concerns. SACC’s asked that the categories for deposits and expenses be updated to better reflect the Quarterly report categories.
·      Deb presented an account of the Region 8 Travel Fund (used for National champion’s reward trip). As of 11/30 there was $20,690.79 in the fund.
·      Deb informed the Committee that she had closed out the Hurricane Fund because the balance had returned to the amount of the original seed money which came from the Region 8 account.
In-Gym Card/Availability Information – Changes needed for the 2012 card:
·      The Judges’ Availability form should be submitted at the same time as the In-Gym Card.
·      Clarification is needed stating that “Levels Judged” should be listed by a day’s worth of a Level and not just by the whole meet judged.
·      Delete the wording for “how many meets does a judge expect to judge” and replace with “Did you judge”
·      Add Sheila Ragle’s fax number if available.
·      Scanning and emailing the forms is acceptable.
2009 Level 9 & 10 Financial was presented. The meet at Vanderbilt University in Nashville reported expenses of $59,043.81 and Income of $65,368.00.
Deb stated that the Regional newsletter deadline was 1-4-11.
Level 9/10 Regional Update
·      Jackie Latino, Meet Director for 9/10 Regional stated that contracts for equipment, arena (Alario Center) and hotels have been approved and finalized. The sanction has been received. Downtown hotels were booked because of the variety of activities that are available there. The Alario Center is only about 12-15 minutes from the heart of downtown New Orleans.
Level 7/8 Regional Update and Leotard/Breast Cancer Fund Update
·      The Georgia All Stars Gymnastics has submitted hotel, facility, and equipment contracts to Deb. Deb W and Nancy H have taken the lead on working with GymKin representative, Mary, for breast-cancer related leotards this year. They presented a photo of a tank leo from GK that has the name of the state and an “8” in crystals for about $28. The leotards are black with clear crystals and the breast cancer icon is pink. Mary will hand out the ordered leotards at Regionals if she is chosen as the provider
·      The cost of the long sleeve leotard is $34.56, but the state name may not be placed on the team leo. Only the Region “8” shall be in crystals. All states shall use the same black warm up but may individualize the bling, including the state name if the state wants. Tanks are optional for each state.
Prep Optional Regional Update
·      Brad Harris stated that the hotels are booked. Lightning City will be the equipment provider. The facility will be able to accommodate three competitive areas – A, B, & C sets of equipment. The officials for the meet will be housed at a facility called Shore Walk.
·      Deb asked that the SACC provide her with an estimate of the number (straw poll) of Prep Optionals from each state by level – Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum, by the end of January to help with better planning for the size of the Regional meet.
Regional Congress speaker and presentation suggestions:
·      Deb would like to have local people from the MS or LA area for some of the presentations. 
·      A therapist named Gina Pongetti was suggested as being a good choice.
·      Other names included Pat Panichas, Ludmilla Shobe, Marian Dykes, Brad Harris, Evelyn Chandler, Bryan Neal, Johnnie Moyal, Vladimir Novikov, Bashem, Steven Arkel, Chris Burdett, Kim Zmeskel, and Salina Peco.
·      Jennie suggested that NC had been having a series of Prep clinics for coaches and judges that could work into a good presentation.
·      Ideas include: ideas for work with autistic children, Acro presentations from the New Orleans area, ideas for acquiring funding from grants, a legal expert who also knows gymnastics, how to run a Regional Meet.
·      Deb K will work with the National office about reliable video equipment and additional registration help.
Recommendation to have the Regional Congress’ date to be set for the second weekend in July 2012. (July 13, 14, & 15).
Motion            J Adams
2nd                        J Latino           
Passed unanimously
It was suggest that the 2012 Regional Congress be set in Nashville, TN.
Recommendation that the only auction held at Regional Congress be a silent auction before the banquet.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                        J Adams           
Passed unanimously
Recommendation that each state continue the $1000 donation with an initial contribution of $500 and a second donation of up to $500 as requested by the Regional Chair.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously
Deb K presented the 2010 Region 8 Congress report. The total returned to the Region 8 account was $27,306.47.
Deb K handed out nameplates to those present that are in the Region 8 Hall of Fame to be attached to the Hall of Fame Awards indicating the date that the honor was received and the reason for the award. Deb K will send the nameplates to the rest of the former honorees. She asked for nominations for the 2011 Hall of Fame.
Dates for 2012 Training Camps – Bid requests will come at later date.
·      July 20-22, 2012                        7/8 Training Camp
·      September 7-9, 2012            National Training Camp
·      October 5-7, 2012                        8-10 Training Camp
Tim Rand Memorial Fund
Toni Rand reported that the TRMF would like to provide funds for Level 10 National entries in the amount of $5600.00 and the Level 9 Eastern entries in the amount of $9600.00. Marian Dykes asked that the SACC create a way to get information to the parents and vendors at each State Meet to encourage donations to help augment the Fund. This effort will help the fund become sustainable, without working from the principal. The fund is a 403-B tax deductive donation. In order to information to parents, banner will be created (Brad H) and and one per state - 8 plus 4 for Regionals printed (by John Williams) for distribution at State Meets. A TRMF donation table should be set up at State and Regional events. Announcements are encouraged at Awards and during meets.
12:10 pm                         Break for arrival of lunch (Working lunch)
Regional Meet Bids
Deb K led a discussion about how to have better understanding of what is needed from host sites and organizations when running a Regional Meet. The discussion led to the following recommendations:
·      Host sites should request a bid packet by a certain date. This would give the Region 8 Committee an indication of how many bids might be expected for each meet.
·      There shall be an Intent-to-Bid-for-a-Regional-Meet form on the website which will give the host an idea of what’s involved in running a Regional Meet. This shall include a cover page for the meet director packet.
·      Include a session at Regional Congress titled “So you want to run a Regional Meet?”
·      Impress that the host and site for Regionals is a vessel for what is needed by the Regional Director. The host and site are the support system.
Recommendation to accept the bid for 2011 7/8 Training Camp from Broadway Gymnastics.
Motion            B Harris
2nd                        N Hawkins           
Passed unanimously
Recommendation to accept the bid for 2011 8/9/10 Training Camp from GAA.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously             J Aardema recused himself.
Recommendation to accept the bid for 2011 National Team Training Camp from Orlando Metro.
Motion            B Harris
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously
Regional land National Judges
·      No changes were requested for National Judges or 9/10 Regionals or 7/8 Regionals.
·      PREP Regional judges are being finalized.
Nancy Hawkins requested a discussion about the need to have all judges at Prep Regionals up to date and experienced in using the Regional Prep rules. Marian indicated that all judges (at any meet) need to be very cautious about side remarks that might be inappropriate or misunderstood while in a public forum. Toni Rand pointed out that in the past the committee has always had confidence in the professionalism of all of our judges to come to ALL of our regional competitions prepared to judge even judges that have had limited experience at level 9/10 due to smaller numbers of athletes in their state at this level - Toni stated that she had full confidence in the experience of all the judges assigned to the PO regional meet. 
Recommendation that when judges from each state are assigned to a Regionals (9/10, 7/8, and Prep Optionals), the Regional 8 Committee should make the effort to not assign a single judge to more than one Regional.
Motion            J Adams           
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously
Regional JO Program
·      Brad Harris showed apparel samples. It was suggested that the coaches’ shirts be wine, black, and gray. Everyone like the style of the samples.
·      Brad indicated that the Coach of the Year criteria is on the website. He would like for each state’s Coach of the Year be recognized at the Level 9/10 Regionals.
·      E-mail sign-ups will be at Regionals for the Junior-Senior book for any athletes interested in submitting information for the Region 8 Excel file sent to NCAA gymnastics coaches.
State Chairmen Concerns
·      Deb K referred to the Regional Competition Fees needed from each state based on the number of gymnasts registered with USAG. She also included a history of the total number of gymnasts in each state from 1998-2010.
·      Deb indicated that updated and necessary Regional forms were in the meeting packet.
·      Deb K indicated that the new Regional Meet Commitment Form will help a Regional Meet know how many gymnasts plan to attend Regionals after qualifying from States. This form is also on
·      Accepted petition list are emailed back to state chairs. April 4th is the deadline to hear something back from Marian.
·      Alternate Information form is not required to be sent to Deb. Chairs may use if they wish. A column might be added to find out if the cell phone listed accepts texts.
·      Since all Regional Meet entries will be electronic, Deb K indicated that State Chairs need to encourage every team in the Region to register on MeetMaker now. Then only a download is needed later if the gymnasts qualify. After each State meet – just click who has qualified. If the state pays for the entries – Deb will try to get Jason (MeetMaker) to give us a code. Each coach is responsible for entering his/her own gymnast.   If clubs pay the entry fees individually, then they have to get it done by midnight Monday following States.
·      Deb K needs             a) meet commitment form
                                                b) State meet score sheet in rank order with no spaces
                                                before names, DOB, or teams.
                                                c) an idea of who’s going to Prep Regionals
                                                d) email with numbers of Level 7’s @ 32.00 AA, Level 8’s @
                                                32.00 AA & 34.00 AA, and Level 9/10’s @ 34.00 on 3-14-11
·      The last two sheets of papers need to be given to the coaches before state meet.
·      RTC & JO’s last meeting was a working meeting. Interpretations of rules and practice judging. Next year the committees will be working on the new routines. The form for next National/Brevet’s course is online. Part of the criteria includes indication of volunteer experience. The Committees are looking for a higher standard for the judges. An added criterion is the “expectation for volunteer hours”. Definition is on the form. National NAWGJ needs to be on Judges Availability form in or to place all information on one form.
·      Check the minutes from the meeting from November Tech meeting. The committee is trying to being responsive to the coaching community. Behavior and on floor activities of judges was largest topic of the discussion.
Next Meeting:
·      July 14th – 9:00 am at Regional Congress hotel for Committee meeting before Regional Congress. 
·      State Chair workshop at Disney on June 6th & 7th. Thurs would be Prep & L4, Fri 4 &5 &, Sat.6 & 7 and 8 and Elite National Qualifier on Sunday. 
·      Congress – St. Paul, MN, Thursday August 17 through Sunday August 21, 2011.
Break – 2:50 to 2:58
Operational Code
·      Deb K suggested that the SACC’s review the page 16 of Operational Code for regulations concerning the removal of a member from the Regional Committee.
Nominations for Hall of Fame:
·      Deb K presented nominations that had been received for the 2011 Hall of Fame.
Cindy Lacrotando                        Kenny Morphis            Draha Krzova           
Mary Ann Wallace                        Cindy Prokana            Becky Oppenheimer
Brenda Eberhardt                        Doug McAvinn             Ludmilla Shobe
Added by e-mail vote 1/26/2011 Bob Moore
·      In the future the Committee might consider the creation of a definition of the possible categories or written criteria for entrance into the Hall of Fame. Procedurally, a quorum of 80% must be in attendance at the meeting in which voting takes place. 75% of all in attendance are needed for a candidate to be inducted. 
·      Members voted. The results are:
Kenny Morphis, Ludmilla Shobe, Doug McAvinn, Bob Moore and Mary Ann Wallace were elected to Hall of Fame.
Additional new business:           
·      Brad Harris stated that the National Travel Service (NTS) had blocked 100 rooms for Region 8 at Level 10 Nationals, just 2 blocks away from the venue. He will send 2 email reminders that host hotels will be in congratulation packets. He requested that individuals (teams/parents) not make reservations on their own for the gymnasts. Region 8 will take care of that.
Recommendation to adjourn.
Motion            J Adams
2nd                         J Latino           
Passed unanimously
3:46 adjourned
Respectfully submitted,
Jennie Adams
Motion by e-mail vote 1/18/2011
Recommendation that the regional judging policy be changed to read: In order to be considered for Easterns or JO Nationals, a judge must judge, coach or assist in the running of the meet as a regional officer.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                         L Corrigan           
Passed unanimously
Region 8 Hall of Fame
The 2011 class of the Region 8 Hall of Fame are listed below. Please join us as we honor these outstanding volunteers, coaches, and pioneers in Region 8 gymnastics at the Region 8 banquet at Region 8 Congress Saturday, July 16, 2011.
Doug McAvinn
Bob Moore
Kenny Morphis
Ludmilla Shobe
Mary Ann Wallace
Level 9 Eastern National Hotel
I really apologize for this. It has been just impossible to find the 125 + rooms that we will need to keep everybody together and it is not a good idea to book a number too small to get everybody in. 
It would be wise for coaches from gym's that know that they are going to be there go to Eastern's Website to book rooms. FYI - Region 8's designated training time at the DCU Center is Thursday, May 5th from 8:30-11:00. We will have a meeting at the center at 8:00 to distribute apparel. 
Thanks - 
Brad Harris
R 8 JO Chairman
Technical News
Effective January 1, 2011, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $.51/mile to reflect the recent in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2011.
·      Judges and Coaches - Please make sure your membership, and all other requirements are up to date. This includes you USAG membership, safety certification and background check.  USAG does not necessarily remind you. Remember, you cannot be on the floor of a competition unless all three of the above are up to date. Neither the Meet Director nor the Meet Referee can waive this rule.
·      Coaches – Please make sure your athletes’ memberships are current. There is not always an Internet connection at a competition to do a renewal on the spot. It is your responsibility as a coach to have each athlete’s name, birthday and membership number with you. 
The Region 8 Age Group Availability Form for regionals has a new look. There is now only one form to complete for Level 9 & 10, Level 7 & 8, and Prep Opt Regionals. In addition, the in-gym experience card is now part of this form. In other words, they should be submitted together. Completed forms must be received with In Gym Card between April 1, 2011 and May 15, 2011 to be eligible to judge any 2012 Region 8. This form must be sent to Marian Dykes with a copy to Sheila Ragle. Failure to respond by May 15, 2011 indicates you DO NOT wish to be considered for the above mentioned meets. Remember May 15, 2011 is a receipt date.
Tim Rand Fund
Region 8 USAG is pleased to announce that the $100.00 entry fee for Level 10 National Championships and Level 9 Eastern Championships is being paid for by the Tim Rand Memorial Fund. This fund was started shortly after Mr. Rand’s passing in August of 2008. Tim Rand was a former Region 8 Elite Chairman, Junior Olympic Chairman and National Team Coach. Tim was also widely known as one of the most generous and successful JO coaches in American history. Tim’s wife Toni, runs this fund through Region 8 in support of our great athletes and coaches.
To keep this wonderful fund running strong we are asking for donations of any amount. Checks can be written to Region 8 USAG and given to any Region 8 Committee member. Please write “TRMF” on the memo line.
Thank You. 
Tim Rand Fund Donation Form
The Tim Rand Fund was established in 2007 after the passing of one of our most successful coaches in Region 8. Since that time the fund has raised over $45,000 with ALL proceeds going directly back to our athletes, coaches and judges. The TRF has used funds to sponsor educational opportunities, for athlete support and the National entry fee for our Level 10 athletes($5600) for the last 2 seasons and this year will be paying the National entry fee for both our Eastern and JO National athletes ($16,800). Due to the tax deductible donations by many Region 8 clubs, coaches, judges, parents and friends the fund continues to grow and to do bigger and better things. However, we need your help and hope that everyone will consider making a contribution to this fund.   Our goal is to continue to pay the $100 entry fee per athlete for all of our Region 8 Eastern and JO National qualifiers for years to come as well as continuing to support education opportunities for all our coaches and judges. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and be put to good use.   Please make your tax deductible donation today!
Make checks payable to Region 8 and indicate TRF on the memo line of the check. You may turn in the donation in to your State or Regional Chairman or mail the donation to:
Debby Kornegay, Region 8 RACC
394 Stonebridge Road
Birmingham, AL 35210
A letter acknowledging your contribution will be mailed to you for tax purposes. Please fill in form below with the requested information so that we can send you this letter.
Thank you so much