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JO NOTES - Brad Harris

Posted: 06.27.2008

Dear Region 8 Professional Members:


First of all I would like to thank the volunteer members of the Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee. These volunteers were extremely helpful to me in my first few months and I really appreciate their time and guidance. The Region 8 J.O. Committee includes the following people:


J – Mary Lou Dillard – Dillard1640@aol.com

C- Meg Henry – coaches@unitedgymstars.com


J - Rene Niccolai – JCI RENE@aol.com

C - Laura Parraga – misslauraashley@hotmail.com


J – Michelle Donovan - md-riley@mindspring.com

C – Elena Piskun - elena@northwindgymnastics.com


J – Brenda Eberhardt – BLEGYM@aol.com

C - Bryan Neal – bryangymcoach@yahoo.com


J – Mary Moore – msmiiwii@aol.com

C – Emily Lay - Emily@starkvillegymnastics.com

North Carolina

J – Kristie Phillips - kpacgym@yahoo.com

C – Kenny Morphis – kennymorphis@aol.com

South Carolina

J – Mendy Knisley - mendi-gary@juno.com

C – Louie Liguori – gymandmore@aol.com


J – Jeanna Lane – jlane@premierathletics.com

C – Adam Byrd – Gccgym04@aol.com

In addition to thanking the new J.O. Committee, I would like to thank everyone that answered the survey that I made available online and at the Regional Meets. Your feedback really gave me an idea on which direction Region 8 would like to proceed in and allowed me to take that information to my meetings this past May, following J.O Nationals. Although many of the items were tabled until our September meetings in Indianapolis (the joint committee’s did not want to make a lot of changes in the final year of a quadrenium), Region 8 did get passed our motion to change the number of age groups at Level 9 Eastern Championships from 8 to 16 so that every athlete in the competition is on their respective team and truly will represent Region 8.

The next thing I would like to go over once again is the new Training Camp System. If you were not aware Region 8 adopted a new three camp system that I think is going to be fantastic. The new camp system will begin in July and include the following camp experiences:

# 1 = “Regional Team” Training Camp – July 25-27, 2008 at Gymnastics Inc. - SC


Level 8 State “Regional” Team athletes (up to 64)

Level 8 Regional athletes that placed 1-3 at Regional Championships in non state team sessions.

TOP’s National Qualifiers that competed L 7 and above in the previous year.


# 2 = “R 8 National Team” Training Camp – September 12-14, 2008 at GAA in Atlanta


All L 9 and 10 athletes that qualified to the previous year’s Eastern/National Meet

All active elite athletes

This camp will serve as host for NAWGJ Symposium

# 3 = “L 8, 9, 10 Regional Training Camp” - October 3-5 at ACE in Florida


All L 8, 9 and 10 athletes that qualified to the previous year’s Regional Championship meet or above.

I am confident that the new camp system we have put in place will provide the ultimate training and learning opportunities for our athletes, coaches and judges alike to help take Region 8 to the next level. With that said however, the training camps cannot be a success without the support of our clubs. I would ask that every club that qualified athletes to Level 8-10 Regional Championships be a part of at least one of the three camps as all of the funds raised go directly back to our athletes and coaches for apparel and our “All-Star” trip. Please do your part.

An additional item that I would like to review with the Region 8 pro membership our effort to improve camaraderie and team building at our Championship meets. 2008 marked the first year that we had a Region 8 “Host” hotel at Easterns and Nationals. I am thrilled to say that both hotels sold out and I got some fantastic feedback. It was great to see all of our athletes and coaches together at such important events. I really feel that this was a great step in team building and a feeling of togetherness.

We are also gearing up for our second annual Regional “All-Star” team trip to be hosted on the weekend of August 7-10 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Region 8 would like to thank Louie Liguori and Gym and More for hosting this prestigious event. I will give everyone a full report on the team and how the trip went when we return. As a reminder, the following is how the team was selected.

The top six – L 9’s (plus ties) and the top six – L 10’s (plus ties) from Eastern/National Championships will make up the team. The team is chosen as follows:

Any athlete(s) that place first in the AA get first priority.

Any athlete(s) that place second in the AA fill any remaining spots.

Any athlete(s) that place third in the AA fill any remaining spots.

If there are still spots available the athlete(s) with the highest AA score regardless of Age Group will make up the remainder of the team.

Due to NCAA regulations Graduating Seniors are ineligible for the trip.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all of coaches of our Eastern and National Champions from Region 8. You are truly the pride our Region.

Thanks a lot and GO Region 8 –

Brad Harris

Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee Chairman

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ELITE NOTES - Kelly Pitzen

Posted: 06.27.2008

Region 8 Pre Elite & TOPS clinic
Elite Testing Competition
Dec. 19-21, 2008
American Twisters
Fort Lauderdale, FL

All athletes, coaches, and judges interested in the Elite and/or TOPS program mark this weekend on your calendar NOW! You are invited to attend and participate in this year’s Region 8 elite/TOPS clinic/competition. This year we will be offering three different tracks at the clinic, along with an Elite testing.

Track #1- This will be for current elite, pre elite or hope’s division athletes. The focus will be on developing optional skills needed to be competitive at this level.

Track #2- This will be for athletes interested in learning the elite compulsories for future testing. *Coaches, note the compulsories are comprised of basics that can be used at ANY level!

Track #3- This will be for athletes ages 6-10 interested in the TOPS program. Concentration will be on TOPS skills as well as the current physical abilities tests.

EVERYONE attending the clinic will learn the USA National Team warm-up used at all training camps. This is an all-inclusive warm-up that can be used for ALL team levels!

The staff will include at least one National Team coach along with several regional elite level coaches, regional judges, the newly appointed regional Elite Chairman, Kelly Pitzen and the National Pre Elite Committee Chairman, Gary Anderson.

This will be an educational opportunity for athletes, coaches and judges. It will be a “hands on” working/participation clinic for all athletes attending. If you are interested in the testing or the clinic, please email me with a tentative number of athletes you would like to bring along with the tracks you would be interested in. This is essential in order to plan and adequately staff for a successful low instructor/student ratio. If you have any questions please contact Kelly at Kpitzen@gmail.com

Kelly Pitzen
Region 8 Pre Elite Chairman


Tentative Schedule:

Friday, Dec. 19

  • Elite Compulsory Testing
       This is a great opportunity to take, or simply come and watch the compulsories being done in a competitive situation
       Parent and coaches lecture on the “Elite/PreElite/Tops Programs” following the testing.

Saturday, Dec. 20

  • Full day of instructional rotations with “tracks” for those wanting to learn the compulsories, those working in the TOPS program (both skills and testing) and optional skill development toward the “new code”.
  • Judges to help with the evaluation and construction of routines under the “new code” for all divisions of Elite (international, pre elite and hopes)

Sunday, Dec. 21

  • Rotations up until 2:00 PM to allow participants an opportunity to return home the same day.
    (Please fill this out and cut and paste this on an email and send it back to me)


In order to adequately plan for staff, it is essential I have some idea of the numbers that will be participating. With this, I will have to LIMIT the enrollment to keep the teaching ratios to a level where the clinic is valuable to those participating. Please give me your best “guesstimate” (you will not be held to these numbers, just give me your best guess!) at this time:

_____ number of athletes for elite testing

_____ number of PreElite/Elite athletes for skill development

_____ number of athletes attending to learn the Elite compulsories

_____ number of 7 to 10 year olds attending for TOPS skills and drills

_____ number of coaches planning on attending


Name of your gym club: _______________________

Club and/or personal email: _______________________

Club and personal phone: _______________________

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Training Camps

Posted: 06.25.2008

Region 8 has reformatted and added a camp this year.

In July the Regional Team Camp is open to Level 8 athletes who qualified on their State Team to Level 8 Regionals and Level 8 Regional All Star competitors who placed 1-3 All Around. Also TOPs National Qualifiers who competed Level 7 and above in this year are invited to the Regional Team Training Camp. The Regional Team camp is at Gymnastics Inc. in Myrtle Beach, SC. Forms were distributed to Level 8’s at Level 8 Regionals. If you have a TOPs National Qualifier please contact Debby Kornegay at DebGK@Bellsouth.net for entry form.

In September all Level 9 athletes who qualified to Level 9 Easterns, Level 10 athletes who qualified to Level 10 Nationals and all active Elite athletes are invited to National Team Training camp. This camp will be held at GAA near Atlanta, GA. Invitations to this camp were given out at Level 9 and 10 Regionals.
In October Level 8, 9 & 10 athletes who competed at Regionals or above may attend Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp at ACE Gymnastics in Longwood, FL. Information and registration forms are available at http://www.region8gymnastics.org/pages/newsletters/2007-2008/Winter2008/TCForms.pdf
 Remember the more volunteer coaches and judges we have the more athletes we can take.  Get your forms in TODAY!

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Region 8 Congress 2008

Posted: 06.09.2008

Region 8 Congress 2008 is quickly approaching. This awesome event is being held at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel in Jacksonville, FL on July 18-20, 2008. The purpose of regional congress is to provide education to the teachers, coaches, judges and gymnastics business owners of the region. Education and training enables everyone to effectively and professionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts across the country. Don't miss this opportunity.   VIEW   DOWNLOAD

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