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Region 8 USA Gymnastics 2008 Hall of Fame Class

Posted: 06.30.2008

The following Region 8 Olympians will be installed as the 2008 Region 8 USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame class.

  1972           Kim              Chase May

1972           Kerry            Englert Zimmer

1972           Joan            Moore Gnat

1980, 1884  Kathy           Johnson Clarke

1984           Lucy             Weiner Fox

1988           Brandy         Johnson Scharf

1988           Hope            Spivey Sheeley

1988           Chelle           Stack

1992           Wendy         Bruce Martin

1996           Dominique    Moceanu

2000           Morgan        White

2004           Carly            Patterson

Please join us at on Saturday, July 19th at the Region 8 USA Gymnastics Congress banquet as we honor these athletes.

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Region 8 Hall of Fame Criteria for Selection

Posted: 06.30.2008


The purpose of the Region 8 Gymnastics Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding Regional gymnasts, coaches, officials and other people who have made a major contribution to the gymnastics tradition of Region 8.  In honoring recipients worthy of this recognition, the inductees should have possessed lifestyles which identify each as a positive role model for the youth of our community in addition to excelling in the particular endeavors.


The Region 8 Committee should nominate and elect inductees through a balloting process using an application form that, among other items, provides for a biographical sketch of each nominee.  This process is complete when the number of candidates determined originally by the Committee has been selected.  The number inducted will reviewed annually.  For nomination to the Hall of Fame, a quorum of at least 80% of the Region 8 Committee must be in attendance, and the candidate must receive a minimum of 75% of the votes.  Voting will be secret ballot. 

 The prospective inductee:

  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Must be a current or past athlete, coach, official trainer or other person who has made exceptional contributions to Region 8 gymnastics and who has lived a lifestyle as a positive role model.
  • Will be evaluated on accomplishments while in Region 8 or accomplishments since becoming a resident of Region 8

 In addition, inductees must have met one of the following criteria:

  • A native of Region 8
  • Competed at a gym in Region 8
  • Live in Region 8 sufficient length of time to be considered a resident.

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2008 National Champions

Posted: 06.30.2008

 We will also honor our Level 9, 10 and Elite National Champions at the Region 8 USA Gymnastics Congress banquet.

  9                  Samantha Lutz               Elite Energy         Bars

9                  Charly Santagado           Kitty's Allstars     Bars

9                  Dalila Lemezan               LaFleurs Largo     Vault

9                  Brittany Garcia               LaFleurs Tampa   Bars

10                Catherine Hires               LaFleur's Tampa  Bars

10                Jordan Salsberg             Laniers                Beam

9                  Lauren Marinez               Orlando Metro     Beam

9                  Andrea Vazquez             Orlando Metro     Beam

10 and Elite  Samantha Montgomery   Starlight              Bars and All Around

10                Reema Zakharia              Universal             Vault & Beam

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Region 8 USA Gymnastics Committee - Effective 7/1/2008

Posted: 06.30.2008

Region 8 Committee 2008 Effective 7/1/2008

Region 8 Administrative Committee Chairman


Debby Kornegay



Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee Chairman

Brad Harris



Region 8 Technical Committee Chairman

Marian Dykes



Region 8 Pre-Elite Committee Chairman

Kelly Pitzen



Alabama State Administrative Committee Chairman

Deb Walls



Florida State Administrative Committee Chairman

Toni Rand



Georgia State Administrative Committee Chairman

Jon Aardema


Louisiana State Administrative Committee Chairman

Jackie Latino



Mississippi State Administrative Committee Chairman

Nancy Hawkins



North Carolina State Administrative Committee Chairman

Jennie Adams



South Carolina State Administrative Committee Chairman

Joanne Child



Tennessee State Administrative Committee Chairman

Larry Corrigan


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Region 8 NAWGJ Board

Posted: 06.30.2008

RJD Sheila Ragle - sragle@bellsouth.net

AL – Mary Ann Wallace - mawalsjd@bellsouth.net

FL Mark Robbins - Flippermia@mac.com

GA - Sharon Doyle - sharondoyle@comcast.net

LA – Brenda Eberhardt - BLEgym@aol.com

MS – Mary Thacker - mssjdmmt@msusag.org

NC – Mary Hoagland - marygymjud@aol.com

SC – Mendi Knisley - mendi-gary@juno.com

TN - Sibby Lane - tnsjd@yahoo.com

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Technical Notes - Marian Dykes

Posted: 06.27.2008

The Women’s Technical Committee, the Junior Olympic Development Committee, and the Women’s Administrative Committee met following Junior Olympic Nationals as a joint group as well as in separate meetings.  A great deal of discussion was held on the 2009 Judges’ Courses.  These productive meeting also spent a great deal of time working to improve and clarify rules for the future.  While major changes will wait for the new code in 2009, watch for the minutes from all of these meetings to be posted on the USAG website.  Some highlights include:


- The format for all courses will be a written and practical exams to directly follow the lectures on each event.

-           USAG BREVET         

Evaluation for current FIG or USAG-Brevet rated officials:

·         Timed 50-question multiple choice open-book exam

·         Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event)

      Course passing grade is 80%

Evaluation for those taking the USAG-Brevet for the first time:

·         Timed 50-question multiple choice CLOSED-book exam

·         Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event)

      Course passing grade is 80%


-     for current National-rated judges

·         Timed 50-question multiple choice open-book exam

·         Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event)

Course passing grade is 80% average, with a minimum of 70% on each part.

-     for first-time National Course participants

·         50-question multiple choice (CLOSED-book) exam (10 questions per event and general information)

·         Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event)

Course passing grade is 80% average, with a minimum of 70% on each part.

-           CHIEF JUDGE FEES

Chief judge fee be paid only at:

- USAG State Meets with FOUR-judge panels

- USAG Level 8-10 Regional & Level 9 East/West and Level 10 National competitions, regardless of the number of judges per panel

Reminder: Chief Judge fees are NOT paid at any invitational competitions.

Clarification: The Meet Referee will continue to receive an additional $10 per day at all USAG State, Regional, East/West and National Championships. As in the past, no dual compensation is given if the Meet Referee also serves as a Chief Judge.


-        Recommendation that for twisting vaults #1.105, 1.205, 1.305, 1.206:

Delete the following from the parenthesis “both must turn in the same direction and”

uneven bars

         -        level 4 & 5 compulsory bars

Clarification on the cast following the front hip circle:

For Level 4, the Front hip circle, small cast is considered one major element (#2 worth 0.60). If the gymnast is unable to cast immediately (or does not cast at all) following the front hip circle, a flat 0.30 deduction is applied (basically the last half of the element was “incomplete”). If the front hip circle itself was not completed, a deduction of “up to 0.30” can be applied. However, do not deduct “up to 0.6” for the incomplete front hip circle, plus an additional 0.30 for lacking the immediate small cast.

For Level 5, the front hip circle is major element #2 (worth 0.60) and the Cast to horizontal is major element # 3 (worth 0.80). If the gymnast omits the cast, the deduction for omitting a major element is applied (double the value of the element = 1.6).

-        additional bar element - element # 3.207:

Clear hip circle forward (Weiler kip) that finishes above horizontal will receive B value. 

-        Level 7 Bars Clarifications:

-        Under Special Requirement of one cast to a minimum of 21°- 45°, add the words “from handstand (vertical).” 

-        Counting of elements

         The casts will be considered different if they receive either no Value (below horizontal), an A value (21°-45° from vertical) or a B (within 20° of vertical), they all will be considered different for the counting of value parts. Examples:

         a.      Gymnast performs a cast to 45° (A), then a clear hip circle to 45° (B) to a glide kip, then immediately performs another cast to 45° cast to clear hip to 45°, the gymnast has done the same exact sequence; therefore, the second clear hip will be given 0 value part credit.

         b.      Gymnast performs a cast to 45° (A), then a clear hip to 45° (B) to a glide kip, then immediately performs another cast to horizontal (no value) to a clear hip to 45° (B), the connection WILL be considered different, so the second Clear hip will receive B credit.

-        Dismounts on Beam or Bars (refer to JO Code of Points, pages 49 and 131):

If a gymnast performs a dismount element:

-     without a value, or

-     attempts to perform a salto dismount but never initiates the salto

action and falls without landing on the feet, or

-     makes  no attempt to dismount,

Deduct       0.50 Fall

0.30 No dismount (off Start Value)

0.50 Special Requirement for dismount not fulfille.


- Compulsory Beam:

         Clarification for the Handstand dismount: If the coach pushes the gymnast over to assist the gymnast in completing the element, there is a 0.50 deduction for the spot, plus no value is given for the element.

-  Clarifications in JO Code of Points:

 - Gainer saltos backward:

-        Page 219 - All backward salto DISMOUNTS performed off the end of the beam, but starting facing in towards the length of the beam, may be performed with a two-foot or one-foot (swing through) take off.

-        Page 221 – All gainer saltos backward performed off the side of beam have a one foot take-off (swing through).

-        Page 222 - To be considered a gainer salto at the end of the beam, the gymnast must be facing out and performing a salto backward toward the beam (similar to an inward dive).

- Level 7 Beam Clarification:

Beginning last August 1 of 2008, #302 Straddle pike jump from a cross or side position was approved for use at

Level 7 with “B” value given. Since there are two elements listed in the JO Code (page 168) under #2.302, the

Straddle pike jump with a ¼ turn is also allowed.

- Level 7 & 8         

         Acro connections: if gymnast attempts a Back Walkover, Back Walkover series, and either breaks the connection or falls on the first Back Walkover, then performs a Handstand (with no 2-second hold; therefore, no VP) connected to a Back Walkover, the 2nd performance of the Back Walkover will not receive “A” value credit because it is not considered a different connection.

         Reminder: If no value-part credit is given for an element, that element cannot be used to fulfill a Special Requirement.

-        Scales forward: In order to receive value part credit for #5.101 and 5.201 (Scale forward), the back leg must be held above horizontal for two seconds.

-     Beam mount: #1.409 should also include the McCool mount, Jump to handstand with hip angle (pike) to handspring forward to land on two feet (flyspring). This element was already added to the Beam symbol chart from November 2007.

Floor Exercise

-        JO Code of Points, Page 242, Large faults, #5 “Relaxed or incorrect foot/leg/body/posture” refers to posture faults on non-value part connections throughout the exercise. Deduct up to 0.30

-        If the gymnast lands an element and is moving toward the edge of the floor area (or actually goes out of bounds) and is spotted (touch/pushed) by the coach to prevent them from either going out of bounds or to prevent them from falling on the area outside the floor exercise mat, then only one 0.50 deduction will be taken, regardless if it results in a fall. If the gymnast does go out of bounds, a 0.10 deduction will be taken from the average score.

-        Page 5, JO Code of Points: n. Coach on floor exercise mat: Add the words, “inside the border marking”

         -        Matting on floor: Rules and Policies - Page 82, F. 2

Clarification: Only one skill cushion per tumbling pass may be used; however, a sting mat may be placed on top of the skill cushion.

-        JO Code of Points, page 5. p. Excessive use of magnesia (chalk):

         Clarification: a single-line arc drawn with chalk in the corner of the floor mat is acceptable. No tape or Velcro markings are allowed within the floor exercise area. It is still acceptable to place tape markings on the corner lines to indicate the boundary line.

meet formats

The committees would like to remind meet directors that the only acceptable formats for sanctioned events are listed in the current Rules and Policies. If any individual has an idea for a new format, it should be submitted to Tom Koll for consideration and/or approval and possible inclusion in future Rules & Policies. Otherwise, all coaches and judges have the professional responsibility to report violations of the Rules & Policies.

A maximum of 80 gymnasts per session for competitions that have sessions of ONLY Level 7 competitors, using non-traditional formats.

All judges and coaches should reference the full text of the minutes for specific wording as well as additional changes and clarifications to deductions and skill values.

Many of you are sending contracts, in-gym forms and availability by e-mail.  This is great.  I am all for fast transmission and definitely want to save the trees.  Several items that will help if you use e-mail as your preferred method of delivery:

-        Include your name on the file as part of the title on the file you are sending

-        Please sign your correspondence with both your first and last name.  You may think you are the only Gertrude in Region 8, but there could be several.  A last name is a big help.

A special thank you to NAWGJ for all of their help at Level 9/10 and Level 8 regionals as well as at the Level 9 Eastern Championships with supplying the auxiliary judges for these championship meets hosted in Region 8. Mary Ann Wallace, Alabama NAWGJ State Judging Director coordinated volunteers at the Level 9/10 regionals.  Tennessee NAWGJ did a wonderful job helping with volunteers for Level 8 regionals.  Mark Robbins worked with Florida NAWGJ to coordinate volunteers for Level 10 JO Nationals.  Thank you!

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JO NOTES - Brad Harris

Posted: 06.27.2008

Dear Region 8 Professional Members:


First of all I would like to thank the volunteer members of the Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee. These volunteers were extremely helpful to me in my first few months and I really appreciate their time and guidance. The Region 8 J.O. Committee includes the following people:


J – Mary Lou Dillard – Dillard1640@aol.com

C- Meg Henry – coaches@unitedgymstars.com


J - Rene Niccolai – JCI RENE@aol.com

C - Laura Parraga – misslauraashley@hotmail.com


J – Michelle Donovan - md-riley@mindspring.com

C – Elena Piskun - elena@northwindgymnastics.com


J – Brenda Eberhardt – BLEGYM@aol.com

C - Bryan Neal – bryangymcoach@yahoo.com


J – Mary Moore – msmiiwii@aol.com

C – Emily Lay - Emily@starkvillegymnastics.com

North Carolina

J – Kristie Phillips - kpacgym@yahoo.com

C – Kenny Morphis – kennymorphis@aol.com

South Carolina

J – Mendy Knisley - mendi-gary@juno.com

C – Louie Liguori – gymandmore@aol.com


J – Jeanna Lane – jlane@premierathletics.com

C – Adam Byrd – Gccgym04@aol.com

In addition to thanking the new J.O. Committee, I would like to thank everyone that answered the survey that I made available online and at the Regional Meets. Your feedback really gave me an idea on which direction Region 8 would like to proceed in and allowed me to take that information to my meetings this past May, following J.O Nationals. Although many of the items were tabled until our September meetings in Indianapolis (the joint committee’s did not want to make a lot of changes in the final year of a quadrenium), Region 8 did get passed our motion to change the number of age groups at Level 9 Eastern Championships from 8 to 16 so that every athlete in the competition is on their respective team and truly will represent Region 8.

The next thing I would like to go over once again is the new Training Camp System. If you were not aware Region 8 adopted a new three camp system that I think is going to be fantastic. The new camp system will begin in July and include the following camp experiences:

# 1 = “Regional Team” Training Camp – July 25-27, 2008 at Gymnastics Inc. - SC


Level 8 State “Regional” Team athletes (up to 64)

Level 8 Regional athletes that placed 1-3 at Regional Championships in non state team sessions.

TOP’s National Qualifiers that competed L 7 and above in the previous year.


# 2 = “R 8 National Team” Training Camp – September 12-14, 2008 at GAA in Atlanta


All L 9 and 10 athletes that qualified to the previous year’s Eastern/National Meet

All active elite athletes

This camp will serve as host for NAWGJ Symposium

# 3 = “L 8, 9, 10 Regional Training Camp” - October 3-5 at ACE in Florida


All L 8, 9 and 10 athletes that qualified to the previous year’s Regional Championship meet or above.

I am confident that the new camp system we have put in place will provide the ultimate training and learning opportunities for our athletes, coaches and judges alike to help take Region 8 to the next level. With that said however, the training camps cannot be a success without the support of our clubs. I would ask that every club that qualified athletes to Level 8-10 Regional Championships be a part of at least one of the three camps as all of the funds raised go directly back to our athletes and coaches for apparel and our “All-Star” trip. Please do your part.

An additional item that I would like to review with the Region 8 pro membership our effort to improve camaraderie and team building at our Championship meets. 2008 marked the first year that we had a Region 8 “Host” hotel at Easterns and Nationals. I am thrilled to say that both hotels sold out and I got some fantastic feedback. It was great to see all of our athletes and coaches together at such important events. I really feel that this was a great step in team building and a feeling of togetherness.

We are also gearing up for our second annual Regional “All-Star” team trip to be hosted on the weekend of August 7-10 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Region 8 would like to thank Louie Liguori and Gym and More for hosting this prestigious event. I will give everyone a full report on the team and how the trip went when we return. As a reminder, the following is how the team was selected.

The top six – L 9’s (plus ties) and the top six – L 10’s (plus ties) from Eastern/National Championships will make up the team. The team is chosen as follows:

Any athlete(s) that place first in the AA get first priority.

Any athlete(s) that place second in the AA fill any remaining spots.

Any athlete(s) that place third in the AA fill any remaining spots.

If there are still spots available the athlete(s) with the highest AA score regardless of Age Group will make up the remainder of the team.

Due to NCAA regulations Graduating Seniors are ineligible for the trip.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all of coaches of our Eastern and National Champions from Region 8. You are truly the pride our Region.

Thanks a lot and GO Region 8 –

Brad Harris

Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee Chairman

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ELITE NOTES - Kelly Pitzen

Posted: 06.27.2008

Region 8 Pre Elite & TOPS clinic
Elite Testing Competition
Dec. 19-21, 2008
American Twisters
Fort Lauderdale, FL

All athletes, coaches, and judges interested in the Elite and/or TOPS program mark this weekend on your calendar NOW! You are invited to attend and participate in this year’s Region 8 elite/TOPS clinic/competition. This year we will be offering three different tracks at the clinic, along with an Elite testing.

Track #1- This will be for current elite, pre elite or hope’s division athletes. The focus will be on developing optional skills needed to be competitive at this level.

Track #2- This will be for athletes interested in learning the elite compulsories for future testing. *Coaches, note the compulsories are comprised of basics that can be used at ANY level!

Track #3- This will be for athletes ages 6-10 interested in the TOPS program. Concentration will be on TOPS skills as well as the current physical abilities tests.

EVERYONE attending the clinic will learn the USA National Team warm-up used at all training camps. This is an all-inclusive warm-up that can be used for ALL team levels!

The staff will include at least one National Team coach along with several regional elite level coaches, regional judges, the newly appointed regional Elite Chairman, Kelly Pitzen and the National Pre Elite Committee Chairman, Gary Anderson.

This will be an educational opportunity for athletes, coaches and judges. It will be a “hands on” working/participation clinic for all athletes attending. If you are interested in the testing or the clinic, please email me with a tentative number of athletes you would like to bring along with the tracks you would be interested in. This is essential in order to plan and adequately staff for a successful low instructor/student ratio. If you have any questions please contact Kelly at Kpitzen@gmail.com

Kelly Pitzen
Region 8 Pre Elite Chairman


Tentative Schedule:

Friday, Dec. 19

  • Elite Compulsory Testing
       This is a great opportunity to take, or simply come and watch the compulsories being done in a competitive situation
       Parent and coaches lecture on the “Elite/PreElite/Tops Programs” following the testing.

Saturday, Dec. 20

  • Full day of instructional rotations with “tracks” for those wanting to learn the compulsories, those working in the TOPS program (both skills and testing) and optional skill development toward the “new code”.
  • Judges to help with the evaluation and construction of routines under the “new code” for all divisions of Elite (international, pre elite and hopes)

Sunday, Dec. 21

  • Rotations up until 2:00 PM to allow participants an opportunity to return home the same day.
    (Please fill this out and cut and paste this on an email and send it back to me)


In order to adequately plan for staff, it is essential I have some idea of the numbers that will be participating. With this, I will have to LIMIT the enrollment to keep the teaching ratios to a level where the clinic is valuable to those participating. Please give me your best “guesstimate” (you will not be held to these numbers, just give me your best guess!) at this time:

_____ number of athletes for elite testing

_____ number of PreElite/Elite athletes for skill development

_____ number of athletes attending to learn the Elite compulsories

_____ number of 7 to 10 year olds attending for TOPS skills and drills

_____ number of coaches planning on attending


Name of your gym club: _______________________

Club and/or personal email: _______________________

Club and personal phone: _______________________

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Training Camps

Posted: 06.25.2008

Region 8 has reformatted and added a camp this year.

In July the Regional Team Camp is open to Level 8 athletes who qualified on their State Team to Level 8 Regionals and Level 8 Regional All Star competitors who placed 1-3 All Around. Also TOPs National Qualifiers who competed Level 7 and above in this year are invited to the Regional Team Training Camp. The Regional Team camp is at Gymnastics Inc. in Myrtle Beach, SC. Forms were distributed to Level 8’s at Level 8 Regionals. If you have a TOPs National Qualifier please contact Debby Kornegay at DebGK@Bellsouth.net for entry form.

In September all Level 9 athletes who qualified to Level 9 Easterns, Level 10 athletes who qualified to Level 10 Nationals and all active Elite athletes are invited to National Team Training camp. This camp will be held at GAA near Atlanta, GA. Invitations to this camp were given out at Level 9 and 10 Regionals.
In October Level 8, 9 & 10 athletes who competed at Regionals or above may attend Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp at ACE Gymnastics in Longwood, FL. Information and registration forms are available at http://www.region8gymnastics.org/pages/newsletters/2007-2008/Winter2008/TCForms.pdf
 Remember the more volunteer coaches and judges we have the more athletes we can take.  Get your forms in TODAY!

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Region 8 Congress 2008

Posted: 06.09.2008

Region 8 Congress 2008 is quickly approaching. This awesome event is being held at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel in Jacksonville, FL on July 18-20, 2008. The purpose of regional congress is to provide education to the teachers, coaches, judges and gymnastics business owners of the region. Education and training enables everyone to effectively and professionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts across the country. Don't miss this opportunity.   VIEW   DOWNLOAD

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