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Region 8 Committee Minutes from 12/17/2010

Posted: 01.27.2011


Below are Region 8 Committee minutes from December 17, 2010 meeting.
Region 8 Committee Meeting
December 17, 2010
Alario Center
New Orleans, LA
9:17 am
Members present:           
Debby Kornegay – RACC                                    Jon Aardema – GA
Marian Dykes – RTCC                                    Jackie Latino – LA
Brad Harris – RJOCC                                    Nancy Hawkins – MS
Deb Walls – AL                                                Jennie Adams – NC
Toni Rand – FL                                                Joanne Child – SC
                                                                        Larry Corrigan – TN Absent
Beginning Items on agenda led by Deb K:
·       Appointed Jennie Adams as secretary.
·       Thank you notes received since the last meeting in September were distributed.
·       Circulated Committee address and information sheet to be updated
·       Handed out a copy of current Operating Code
·       Went over calendar changes to be placed in Planner – listed in bold on pink sheet. Changes occurred for 2012 because of a shift in date of NCAA Nationals
·       Made members aware of Region 8 Rules and Regulation Compilation sheet with changes in orange.
Regional Financial Report
·       Deb presented a sheet showing the Regional and States finances obtained from the new USAG Accounting site. She asked for questions and concerns. SACC’s asked that the categories for deposits and expenses be updated to better reflect the Quarterly report categories.
·       Deb presented an account of the Region 8 Travel Fund (used for National champion’s reward trip). As of 11/30 there was $20,690.79 in the fund.
·       Deb informed the Committee that she had closed out the Hurricane Fund because the balance had returned to the amount of the original seed money which came from the Region 8 account.
In-Gym Card/Availability Information – Changes needed for the 2012 card:
·       The Judges’ Availability form should be submitted at the same time as the In-Gym Card.
·       Clarification is needed stating that “Levels Judged” should be listed by a day’s worth of a Level and not just by the whole meet judged.
·       Delete the wording for “how many meets does a judge expect to judge” and replace with “Did you judge”
·       Add Sheila Ragle’s fax number if available.
·       Scanning and emailing the forms is acceptable.
2009 Level 9 & 10 Financial was presented. The meet at Vanderbilt University in Nashville reported expenses of $59,043.81 and Income of $65,368.00.
Deb stated that the Regional newsletter deadline was 1-4-11.
Level 9/10 Regional Update
·       Jackie Latino, Meet Director for 9/10 Regional stated that contracts for equipment, arena (Alario Center) and hotels have been approved and finalized. The sanction has been received. Downtown hotels were booked because of the variety of activities that are available there.  The Alario Center is only about 12-15 minutes from the heart of downtown New Orleans.
Level 7/8 Regional Update and Leotard/Breast Cancer Fund Update
·       The Georgia All Stars Gymnastics has submitted hotel, facility, and equipment contracts to Deb. Deb W and Nancy H have taken the lead on working with GymKin representative, Mary, for breast-cancer related leotards this year. They presented a photo of a tank leo from GK that has the name of the state and an “8” in crystals for about $28. The leotards are black with clear crystals and the breast cancer icon is pink. Mary will hand out the ordered leotards at Regionals if she is chosen as the provider
·       The cost of the long sleeve leotard is $34.56, but the state name may not be placed on the team leo. Only the Region “8” shall be in crystals. All states shall use the same black warm up but may individualize the bling, including the state name if the state wants. Tanks are optional for each state.
Prep Optional Regional Update
·       Brad Harris stated that the hotels are booked. Lightning City will be the equipment provider. The facility will be able to accommodate three competitive areas – A, B, & C sets of equipment. The officials for the meet will be housed at a facility called Shore Walk.
·       Deb asked that the SACC provide her with an estimate of the number (straw poll) of Prep Optionals from each state by level – Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum, by the end of January to help with better planning for the size of the Regional meet.
Regional Congress speaker and presentation suggestions:
·       Deb would like to have local people from the MS or LA area for some of the presentations. 
·       A therapist named Gina Pongetti was suggested as being a good choice.
·       Other names included Pat Panichas, Ludmilla Shobe, Marian Dykes, Brad Harris, Evelyn Chandler, Bryan Neal, Johnnie Moyal, Vladimir Novikov, Bashem, Steven Arkel, Chris Burdett, Kim Zmeskel, and Salina Peco.
·       Jennie suggested that NC had been having a series of Prep clinics for coaches and judges that could work into a good presentation.
·       Ideas include: ideas for work with autistic children, Acro presentations from the New Orleans area, ideas for acquiring funding from grants, a legal expert who also knows gymnastics, how to run a Regional Meet.
·       Deb K will work with the National office about reliable video equipment and additional registration help.
Recommendation to have the Regional Congress’ date to be set for the second weekend in July 2012. (July 13, 14, & 15).
Motion            J Adams
2nd                        J Latino           
Passed unanimously
It was suggest that the 2012 Regional Congress be set in Nashville, TN.
Recommendation that the only auction held at Regional Congress be a silent auction before the banquet.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                        J Adams           
Passed unanimously
Recommendation that each state continue the $1000 donation with an initial contribution of $500 and a second donation of up to $500 as requested by the Regional Chair.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously
Deb K presented the 2010 Region 8 Congress report. The total returned to the Region 8 account was $27,306.47.
Deb K handed out nameplates to those present that are in the Region 8 Hall of Fame to be attached to the Hall of Fame Awards indicating the date that the honor was received and the reason for the award. Deb K will send the nameplates to the rest of the former honorees. She asked for nominations for the 2011 Hall of Fame.
Dates for 2012 Training Camps – Bid requests will come at later date.
·       July 20-22, 2012                                    7/8 Training Camp
·       September 7-9, 2012                  National Training Camp
·       October 5-7, 2012                                    8-10 Training Camp
Tim Rand Memorial Fund
Toni Rand reported that the TRMF would like to provide funds for Level 10 National entries in the amount of $5600.00 and the Level 9 Eastern entries in the amount of $9600.00. Marian Dykes asked that the SACC create a way to get information to the parents and vendors at each State Meet to encourage donations to help augment the Fund. This effort will help the fund become sustainable, without working from the principal. The fund is a 403-B tax deductive donation. In order to information to parents, banner will be created (Brad H) and and one per state - 8 plus 4 for Regionals printed (by John Williams) for distribution at State Meets. A TRMF donation table should be set up at State and Regional events. Announcements are encouraged at Awards and during meets.
12:10 pm                         Break for arrival of lunch (Working lunch)
Regional Meet Bids
Deb K led a discussion about how to have better understanding of what is needed from host sites and organizations when running a Regional Meet. The discussion led to the following recommendations:
·       Host sites should request a bid packet by a certain date. This would give the Region 8 Committee an indication of how many bids might be expected for each meet.
·       There shall be an Intent-to-Bid-for-a-Regional-Meet form on the website which will give the host an idea of what’s involved in running a Regional Meet. This shall include a cover page for the meet director packet.
·       Include a session at Regional Congress titled “So you want to run a Regional Meet?”
·       Impress that the host and site for Regionals is a vessel for what is needed by the Regional Director. The host and site are the support system.
Recommendation to accept the bid for 2011 7/8 Training Camp from Broadway Gymnastics.
Motion            B Harris
2nd                        N Hawkins           
Passed unanimously
Recommendation to accept the bid for 2011 8/9/10 Training Camp from GAA.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously             J Aardema recused himself.
Recommendation to accept the bid for 2011 National Team Training Camp from Orlando Metro.
Motion            B Harris
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously
Regional land National Judges
·       No changes were requested for National Judges or 9/10 Regionals or 7/8 Regionals.
·       PREP Regional judges are being finalized.
Nancy Hawkins requested a discussion about the need to have all judges at Prep Regionals up to date and experienced in using the Regional Prep rules. Marian indicated that all judges (at any meet) need to be very cautious about side remarks that might be inappropriate or misunderstood while in a public forum. Toni Rand pointed out that in the past the committee has always had confidence in the professionalism of all of our judges to come to ALL of our regional competitions prepared to judge even judges that have had limited experience at level 9/10 due to smaller numbers of athletes in their state at this level - Toni stated that she had full confidence in the experience of all the judges assigned to the PO regional meet. 
Recommendation that when judges from each state are assigned to a Regionals (9/10, 7/8, and Prep Optionals), the Regional 8 Committee should make the effort to not assign a single judge to more than one Regional.
Motion            J Adams           
2nd                        T Rand           
Passed unanimously
Regional JO Program
·       Brad Harris showed apparel samples. It was suggested that the coaches’ shirts be wine, black, and gray. Everyone like the style of the samples.
·       Brad indicated that the Coach of the Year criteria is on the website. He would like for each state’s Coach of the Year be recognized at the Level 9/10 Regionals.
·       E-mail sign-ups will be at Regionals for the Junior-Senior book for any athletes interested in submitting information for the Region 8 Excel file sent to NCAA gymnastics coaches.
State Chairmen Concerns
·       Deb K referred to the Regional Competition Fees needed from each state based on the number of gymnasts registered with USAG. She also included a history of the total number of gymnasts in each state from 1998-2010.
·       Deb indicated that updated and necessary Regional forms were in the meeting packet.
·       Deb K indicated that the new Regional Meet Commitment Form will help a Regional Meet know how many gymnasts plan to attend Regionals after qualifying from States. This form is also on Region8gymnastics.org.
·       Accepted petition list are emailed back to state chairs. April 4th is the deadline to hear something back from Marian.
·       Alternate Information form is not required to be sent to Deb. Chairs may use if they wish. A column might be added to find out if the cell phone listed accepts texts.
·       Since all Regional Meet entries will be electronic, Deb K indicated that State Chairs need to encourage every team in the Region to register on MeetMaker now. Then only a download is needed later if the gymnasts qualify. After each State meet – just click who has qualified. If the state pays for the entries – Deb will try to get Jason (MeetMaker) to give us a code. Each coach is responsible for entering his/her own gymnast.   If clubs pay the entry fees individually, then they have to get it done by midnight Monday following States.
·       Deb K needs                   a) meet commitment form
                                                b) State meet score sheet in rank order with no spaces
                                                before names, DOB, or teams.
                                                c) an idea of who’s going to Prep Regionals
                                                d) email with numbers of Level 7’s @ 32.00 AA, Level 8’s @
                                                32.00 AA & 34.00 AA, and Level 9/10’s @ 34.00 on 3-14-11
·       The last two sheets of papers need to be given to the coaches before state meet.
·       RTC & JO’s last meeting was a working meeting. Interpretations of rules and practice judging. Next year the committees will be working on the new routines. The form for next National/Brevet’s course is online. Part of the criteria includes indication of volunteer experience. The Committees are looking for a higher standard for the judges. An added criterion is the “expectation for volunteer hours”. Definition is on the form. National NAWGJ needs to be on Judges Availability form in or to place all information on one form.
·       Check the minutes from the meeting from November Tech meeting. The committee is trying to being responsive to the coaching community. Behavior and on floor activities of judges was largest topic of the discussion.
Next Meeting:
·       July 14th – 9:00 am at Regional Congress hotel for Committee meeting before Regional Congress. 
·       State Chair workshop at Disney on June 6th & 7th. Thurs would be Prep & L4, Fri 4 &5 &, Sat.6 & 7 and 8 and Elite National Qualifier on Sunday. 
·       Congress – St. Paul, MN, Thursday August 17 through Sunday August 21, 2011.
Break – 2:50 to 2:58
Operational Code
·       Deb K suggested that the SACC’s review the page 16 of Operational Code for regulations concerning the removal of a member from the Regional Committee.
Nominations for Hall of Fame:
·       Deb K presented nominations that had been received for the 2011 Hall of Fame.
Cindy Lacrotando                        Kenny Morphis            Draha Krzova           
Mary Ann Wallace                        Cindy Prokana            Becky Oppenheimer
Brenda Eberhardt                        Doug McAvinn             Ludmilla Shobe
Added by e-mail vote 1/26/2011 Bob Moore
·       In the future the Committee might consider the creation of a definition of the possible categories or written criteria for entrance into the Hall of Fame. Procedurally, a quorum of 80% must be in attendance at the meeting in which voting takes place.  75% of all in attendance are needed for a candidate to be inducted. 
·       Members voted. The results are:
Kenny Morphis, Ludmilla Shobe, Doug McAvinn, Bob Moore and Mary Ann Wallace were elected to Hall of Fame.
Additional new business:           
·       Brad Harris stated that the National Travel Service (NTS) had blocked 100 rooms for Region 8 at Level 10 Nationals, just 2 blocks away from the venue. He will send 2 email reminders that host hotels will be in congratulation packets. He requested that individuals (teams/parents) not make reservations on their own for the gymnasts. Region 8 will take care of that.
Recommendation to adjourn.
Motion            J Adams
2nd                         J Latino           
Passed unanimously
3:46 adjourned
Respectfully submitted,
Jennie Adams
Motion by e-mail vote 1/18/2011
Recommendation that the regional judging policy be changed to read: In order to be considered for Easterns or JO Nationals, a judge must judge, coach or assist in the running of the meet as a regional officer.
Motion            M Dykes
2nd                         L Corrigan           
Passed unanimously


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Training Camp Volunteers

Posted: 01.26.2011


Thank you to all the coaches and judges who volunteered their time and expertise at a 2009 Training Camp. Region 8 could not function without this assistance!
Aardema        Jon           GA SACC - GAA
Acton             Phillip        Mountain Brook
Adams           Jennie       NC SACC - National Judge
Amato            Brian         Brandy Johnson's
Armour           Rob          Cabarrus Co.
Baesman       Jane          National Judge
Batsche         Cookie       Brevet Judge
Candler         Jim             Orlando Metro
Carillon         Jessica       Apollo
Carillon         Tara            Apollo
Chandler       Evelyn        Brevet Judge
Citty               Kyle           Broadway
Davis             Cynthia      Rockdale
Davis             Drew         Rockdale
Doyle             Sharon      GA SJD - National Judge
Dykes            Marian       RTCC - Brevet Judge
Eberhardt      Brenda       LA SJD - National Judge
Fariz              Catherine   FL SJD National Judges
Faust             Trish           Cabarrus County
Giron             Jacobo       GAA
Gnat              Ray            Host - ACE Gymnastics
Hambrick       Laurel        West Georgia
Hancock        Judy          Judge
Harris             Brad          RJOCC - Tampa Bay Turners
Hawkins         Nancy       MS SACC - Starkville Gymn
Hoagland       Mary         NC SJD
Ivey                Davita       Charleston Twisters
Jenkins          Teri            National Judge
Johnson         Lorena      Atlanta Gymnastics Center
Johnson         Brian         Terry And Don's
Kelly               Ronnie      South Stars
Knisley           Mendi        SC SJD - National Judge
Kornegay       Debby        RACC - Brevet Judge
Korshak         Wendy       Top Notch
Kouznetsov    Andrei        Cartersville
Lamborn        Ashley        Terry And Don's
Larsen           Jennifer       Level 7/8 Judge
Latino            Jackie          LA SACC - All Star
Lee                Jon              ACE
Losinska        Galyna        Cartersville
Lucas            Monica         Salem
Lydon            Patricia         National Judge
Matyskiel       Valerie         Gym Masters
McGaughy     Metry           Elite II
McNamara     Kevn            National Judges
Meliakina       Galina          Southeastern
Neal               Bryan           Cypress Pointe
Negron          Tish              Georgia All Stars
Niccollai         Rene           Brevet Judge
O'Lone           Sean           Southern Starz
Parraga          David          LaFleurs Largo
Patt                Ron             TBT
Peeks            Diane           National Judge
Perez            Jon-Erik        West Broward
Phillips           Kristie           KPAC
Pitts               Natalie          CG's Gymnastics
Podgornaya   Irina              GAA
Purvis            Mary             North Florida
Ragle            Sheila           RJD - Brevet Judge
Rand             Toni              FL SACC/Brevet Judge
Robbins         Mark Lee      West Broward
Ruegg            Robin           Brevet Judge
Santiago        Carey           Cabarrus Co.
Schulthess     Amy             Tampa Bay Turners
Shobe            Ludmilla       Southeastern
Smith             Jeremy         Let it Shine
Stearns          Kristen         Gym South
Stuenkel         Kathy           Horizon
Thacker          Mary            MS SJD - National Judge
Thomas          Patrick         Georgia All Stars
Thompson      Diane           Brevet Judge
Thompson      Phyllis          National Judge
Wallace          Mary Ann     AL SJD - National Judge
Walls              Deb              AL SACC - Shoals School of Gymn
White             Brock            National Judge
Willin             Tiffany           Southern Starz
Witten            Winnie          Brevet Judge
Yaeger           Mindy           Cabarrus Co.


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Monies spent on Region 8 Athletes and coaches

Posted: 01.26.2011


Region 8 USA Gymnastics spent over $36,000.00 on apparel for Level 9 and 10 athletes and coaches for Eastern and JO Nationals and for the All Star Trip for top finishes at Level 9 Easterns and Level 10 JO Nationals. Funds raised at Region 8 TRAINING CAMPS pays for these well deserved awards for athletes and coaches.


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JO Notes

Posted: 01.26.2011


Dear Region 8 Professional Members:
Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and safe and productive Fall.
The Region 8 Committee recently met in the New Orleans area and there a few announcements that I would like to make. The Tim Rand “TR” Memorial Fund will once again be paying for 100% of the Level 10 entries into Nationals in the Long Beach area. In addition, thanks to Toni Rand and all of the supporters of this fund 100% of our Level 9 Eastern entries will be covered as well. Thanks to everyone that supported the fund last year and thanks for keeping the memory of one of Region 8’s greats alive and really making a difference in the lives of our athletes and families.
Training Camp Changes and Announcements:
# 1 = “Regional Team” Training Camp – July 22-22, 2012 at Broadway Gymnastics - FL
ALL Level 7 & 8 Regional Qualifiers.  
TOP’s National Qualifiers that competed L 7 and above in the previous year.
# 2 = “R 8 Nationals Team” Training Camp – September 9-11, 2011 at Orlando Metro - FL
ALL 2011 NIT Qualifiers
All 2011 L 9 and 10 athletes that qualified to the L 9 Eastern or L 10 National Meet
All active elite and “pre”- elite athletes
# 3 = “L 8, 9, 10 Regional Training Camp” – Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2011 – GAA – Atlanta Area - GA
All L 8, 9 and 10 athletes that qualified to the previous year’s Regional Championship meet or above.
This camp will serve as host for NAWGJ Symposium
It is my hope that our camp system will continue to provide great training and learning opportunities for our athletes, coaches and judges alike to help Region 8 continue on its path to National prominence. With that said however, supporting our training camps will continue to be of the utmost importance. The Regional Committee unanimously decided to continue our requirement stating that a club must be in “good standing” in regard to training camps to be eligible for the ALL-STAR Trip. In “Good standing” means that each club must do one or more of the following:
  • Host a R 8 Training Camp within the last 2 years
  • Send a volunteer coach or coaches to a Camp to actively work with gymnasts within the last 2 years (NEW in 2010)
  • Send an athlete or athletes to a Camp within the last 2 years (New in 2010)
  • Make a $1,000 donation to the Regional Apparel Fund
Clubs failing to meet these criteria are making the decision to be ineligible for funding of the “All-Star” Trip if one or more of your athletes qualify. An athlete from a club that is deemed NOT in “Good Standing” may only attend the trip at her own expense. Additionally – if the coach or coaches wanted to accompany their athlete they would have to pay for 100% of the trip. Please do not put yourself in this position.
The Committee stuck with these criteria with the knowledge that the training camps cannot be a success without the support of ALL of our clubs. The funds created by the camps are the funds that are the life blood our athletes and coaches for apparel and our “All-Star” trip. Please do your part with the understanding that when you support the training camps you are ultimately supporting yourself!
The “All-Star” trip will once again be in July on the 28th – 31st weekend. We are currently in communication with the gymnastics staff at a gym in Costa Rica. We feel like a trip to South America will be a great training and cultural experience for everyone involved. The team will once again be made up of the level 9 & 10 athletes that best represent Region 8 at 2011 Easterns and Nationals. The team and attending coaches will be housed in a local hotel and be transported via bus while in Costa Rica. It is our hope that this trip has been and will continue to be a great source of motivation within the Region. The Region will furnish the funds for the athletes and the head staff (minus meals and excursion fees). Coaches that qualify athletes that are not on the staff may also attend but at their own expense. The qualification system is as follows:
The top six – L 9’s (plus ties) and the top six – L 10’s (plus ties) from Eastern/National Championships will make up the team. The team is chosen as follows:
Any athlete(s) that place first in the AA get first priority.
Any athlete(s) that place second in the AA fill any remaining spots.
Any athlete(s) that place third in the AA fill any remaining spots.
If there are still spots available the athlete(s) with the highest AA score regardless of Age Group will make up the remainder of the team. Graduating Seniors are ineligible for the trip.
The Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee remains:
J – Mary Lou Dillard
C- Meg Henry

J - Rene Niccollai
C - Laura Parraga
J – Michelle Donovan
C – Elena Piskun
J – Brenda Eberhardt
C - Bryan Neal
J – Mary Moore
C – Emily Lay
North Carolina
J – Kristie Phillips
C – Kenny Morphis
South Carolina
J – Mendi Knisley
C – Louie Liguori
J – Jeanna Rogers
C – Adam Byrd
As always, please feel free to contact your State’s representative or myself with any questions or concerns.
Thanks a lot and GO Region 8 –
Brad Harris
Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee Chairman


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2011 Eastern Nationals

Posted: 01.13.2011

Information for 2011 Level 9 Eastern National is available at website and Facebook.  These sites are up and material is added on a regular basis.



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Grants to athletes

Posted: 11.02.2010

There is a Pink Invitational that is held each year in Pennsylvania.  This invitational is now giving $1,000 and $2,000 grants to USAG member athletes who have a family member with breast cancer.  Go to Pink Invitational for grant applications.

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Tech Notes - Marian Dykes

Posted: 10.19.2010


2010 –2011 Selected JO Changes

·     Judges are not allowed to accept gifts in addition to the USA Gymnastics Compensation package judging fee.
·      Effective August 1, 2010, for those judges involved in a carpool, each judge will be reimbursed for his/her full mileage to meet the carpool.
·      Appreciation gifts from the Regional Committee will be limited to a monetary value of $50.00 per annum per judge.
·      Athletic tape, Velcro strips or small chalk marks may be placed across the width of the vault runway. The markings should be removed no later than at the end of the rotation.
·      Optional Vault (Levels 7-10) to add a deduction of “up to 0.10” for incorrect foot form in each phase (pre-flight, support, after-flight) of the vault.
Uneven Bars
·      Whenever more than one extra swing is performed following a single element, the maximum deduction is 0.60.
·      Flyaway dismounts must be initiated from the high bar to receive value part.
·      Level 7 only: No penalty for extra swing will be applied if a counter swing is performed prior to salto forward (front flyaway) dismount (#8.107 or 8.207)
·      Level 7 and 8 Bars: Circle Element from Group 3, 6 or 7 Special Requirement
Level 7 and 8 gymnasts are allowed to perform the following selected “C” elements for “B” value part credit in order to fulfill the Group 3, 6, 7 Special Requirement:
o   #6304 Back stalder to handstand, also with half (180°) turn,
o   #7.309 Piked sole circle backward to handstand, also with half (180°) turn
Note: These selected elements are in addition to the Clear hip circle to handstand, also with ½ (180°) turn, already permitted at both Level 7 and 8.
·      Bars: Delete the starting position of “Handstand on HB” from any dismount currently described as such in the JO Code of Points.
·      Bars: In order to receive “B” value part for a back uprise, a gymnast must show a closed shoulder angle, pulling the shoulders over the bar (not an extended shoulder position in a long swing)
Balance Beam
·      5 seconds will be added to the maximum time limit for Level 2 and 3 Beam Routine (now 35 seconds).
·      New deduction effective August 1, 2010:“Failure to perform value parts from the turn category in high releve’—Up to 0.10”
·      the deduction for lack of tempo/poor rhythm between elements performed in a series to up to 0.20 for:
       acrobatic (forward acro, counter acro, backward non-flight acro)
       mixed series
       dance connections
Note: The connection of two or more backward acro elements, with a minimum of one flight, is still evaluated as either connected or not connected. If not, deduct 0.50 for missing the Special Requirement and do not award value part credit for the second element IF both elements are the same.
·      Beam: If a dance element is performed that is a variation of an element listed in the JO Code of Points and the root skill is recognizable, it may be given the same value as the root skill and can be used to fulfill dance requirements.
·      The following change of wording in the JO Code of Points (Beam element #2.108) to indicate that the stretch jump no longer is required to move forward or show an arch to receive A value part.
1st illustration: Stretched jump or arch jump
2nd illustration: Stretched jump with ½ turn (180°)
3rd illustration: Stretched jump with change/beat of legs
Floor Exercise
·      Floor: Stag switch leg leap is now #1.104 and is listed as an “A”.
·      Floor: Double leg stag leap or jump with a 360˚ turn is a “B” (#1.201)
·      The same dance element (from Group 1 or 2) may used in a direct connection on Floor
Exercise to receive C+ C (same or different) Connection Value bonus of +0.10
·      Floor: If a dance element is performed that is a variation of an element listed in the JO Code of Points and the root skill is recognizable, it may be given the same value as the root skill and can be used to fulfill dance requirements.
·      Dance Passage Re-defined
In order to allow for more creativity and simplification, the committees made some changes to the Dance Passage Special Requirement (changes in italics type):
Recommendation to redefine the Floor Exercise Special Requirement, effective August  1, 2010, as:
Dance passage with a minimum of two (2) different Group 1 elements, directly or indirectly connected, one of which is a leap (one foot take-off) requiring a 180° cross or side split position.
An indirect connection would allow for running steps, small leaps, hops, chassés, assemblés, or any kind of turn on 1or 2 feet between the two dance Value Part elements.
·      No pauses or stops are allowed within the dance passage.
o   Example: Using a lunge preparation that creates a pause prior to a turn on one foot would break the dance passage.
·      Acro elements performed between the dance value part elements will break the dance passage.
·      Change in JO Code of Points, pg. 224, 3.d.: Group 1 elements in the dance passage may land on one or both feet as the first and/or second/last element of the dance passage. Rebounding out of a leap/jump is allowed and does
NOT constitute a pause or stop.
·      The leap with 180° split
1.     If the cross position is used, it must have the forward leg extended.
2.     If the forward leg of one of the two dance value parts finishes in a stag position, it will NOT fulfill the Special Requirement.
3.     If the rear leg finishes in a stag position, it WILL fulfill the Special Requirement.
4.     The stride leap forward with change of legs to wolf position (#1.404) DOES NOT    require a 180° split; therefore it will not fulfill that part of the Special Requirement.
·      The second (or last) element may also land in a prone or split-sit position.
·      Recommendation to reduce the Chief Judge deduction for coach on the floor exercise mat at Optional levels from 1.00 to 0.50



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JO News

Posted: 10.09.2010


Dear Region 8 Professional Members:
The summer of 2010 was another great one for Region 8. In July we were in St. Petersburg, Florida for the 3rd annual “Regional Team” Training camp and it was great. The camp was comprised of some of the top - level 7’s and 8’s in the Region and the talent was amazing! The focus of the camp was basics, core skill development and intermediate optional development. The kids and volunteer coaches worked extremely hard and everyone was very happy with the results.
In August we traveled to New York City for the fourth annual Region 8 “All-Star” trip. The team was made up of the level 9 & 10 athletes that best represented Region 8 at the 2010 Easterns and National Championships. This year’s team was as follows:
Level 9
Julianna Cannamela of Southeastern
Lexi Graber of Southern Starz
Abbott Llewellen of GAA
Meghan Brannon of Lafleur’s Largo
Claire Kern of Southeastern
Kelly Martin of ACE, FL
Level 10
Ashleigh Gnat of ACE, FL
Christina Pheil of Tampa Bay Turners
Tiffany Henry of Tampa Bay Turners
Courtney Bisbee of KPAC, NC
Hayley Watts of Southeastern
Haley Bodenheimer of Salem Gymnastics Center  
The athletes and coaches took part in two excellent training sessions at Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Center with head staff Brad Harris, Nikolai Cherchen and Kristie Phillips. Everyone involved really enjoyed the workouts but enjoyed even more the relationships that were created and the true feeing of camaraderie. We even had the pleasure of working along side the level 9 & 10 girls from the Chelsea Piers Team! It is our hope that this trip has been and will continue to be a great source of motivation within the Region.
I would like to personally thank Chris McClain of Chelsea Piers and the team girls for being such wonderful hosts.
In September - the 3rd annual “Nationals Team” Training Camp was held at Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta. The camp hosted some of the Region’s top Level 9, 10 and Elite athletes and coaches. We also (once again) had several NCAA coaches on the staff due to a new allowance in the rules to do so. I am going to continue to work very hard to insure that we have at least one representative from every college in the Southeast of the USA. Thanks to Jon Aardema and the great people at GAA for an awesome experience!
October 8-10 will see Region 8 in the Orlando area at ACE Gymnastics for the Level 8/9/10 Training Camp. The weekend will host over 100 of the Region’s L 8-10 athletes that represented us so well at R 8 Championships (and in some cases Nationals) in 2010. As always, we are hopeful the camp will have a high level of energy and that everyone gets a lot out of it. Thanks to Ray, Joan, Jon and the staff at ACE for allowing us the use of your awesome gym.
 I would like to conclude by thanking everyone who is involved and continues to support our three training camp system. When you support the Camps you are actually supporting yourselves and our great athletes. Although we are continuing to move in the right direction we still do not have full participation. I have asked and will continue to ask that every club that qualifies athletes to Level 7-10 Regional Championships be a part of at least one of the three camps. Being a part can mean: hosting a camp, sending athletes to a camp, volunteering to coach or all three. Please understand that all of the funds raised go directly back to our athletes and coaches for apparel and our “All-Star” trip. Please do your part.
Thanks a lot and GO Region 8 –
Brad Harris
Region 8 Junior Olympic Committee Chairman


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Tim Rand Fund

Posted: 10.06.2010

The Tim Rand Fund has paid for all Level 10 National entries for 2009 and 2010, $11,400.00 and has aided many state clinics giving $4,000.00 over the last several years for coaches and judges education. WE WANT TO DO MORE! We would like to pay both the Level 10 National entries and the Level 9 Eastern National entries in 2011. We need your help! If every judge, coach and gym gave we could reach our goal. Your contribution is tax deductable. Please make your check payable to Tim Rand Fund – Region 8 USAG and mail to 394 Stonebridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35210 TODAY!
Tim Rand Memorial Fund download view

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Thank you!

Posted: 10.06.2010

Region 8 would like to thank the following gyms for hosting 2010 Training Camp!

Level 7 & 8                 Tampa Bay Turners
National Team            Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta
Level 8, 9 & 10           ACE Gymnastics
Also a big thank you for all the wonderful volunteers who helped to make these weekends a great success!

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