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Region 8 Charity

Posted: 04.01.2016

In an effort to teach our athletes the importance of giving and thinking of other Region 8 has chosen St Jude's as our charity for 2016 and 2017.  Please plan to donate at Regional competitions

About St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. It is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent since the hospital opened more than 50 years ago. St. Jude is working to drive the overall survival rate for childhood cancer to 90 percent, and we won’t stop until no child dies from cancer. St. Jude freely shares the discoveries it makes, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. Join the St. Jude mission here, liking St. Jude on Facebook (facebook.com/stjude) and following us on Twitter (@stjude).

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Level 9 & 10 Regional Scores

Posted: 04.12.2013

Click here for link to Level 9 & 10 Regional scores.

Link for photographer.  EBS Productions

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REGION 8 USA GYMNASTICS LEVEL 7 & 8 CHAMPIONSHIPS charity is The Pat Summitt Foundation

Posted: 02.16.2012


REGION 8 USA GYMNASTICS LEVEL 7 & 8 CHAMPIONSHIPS charity is The Pat Summitt Foundation

Region 8 is proud to announce the selection of The Pat Summitt Foundation Fund, a fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, as the designated charity for the Level 7 & 8 Championships April 20-22, 2012 in Kissimmee, FL at the Heritage Park’s Exhibition Hall. The home base of the Fund—Nashville, Tennessee— is located inside Region 8.
 The Pat Summitt Foundation Fund believes no family should have to hear a diagnosis like Pat’s early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s type. The Fund will make grants to nonprofits which provide:
·      education and awareness of Alzheimer's, its onset and treatment
·      support services to patients, their families and caregivers
·      research to treat, prevent, cure, and ultimately eradicate this disease
Talking with Danielle Donehew, leadership volunteer with The Pat Summitt Foundation Fund, “Pat Summitt is a true champion on and off the basketball court.  As she faces her toughest opponent, we are extremely thankful for the commitment of the USA Gymnastics Region 8 leadership for Joining Pat’s Team.  Please accept our sincere thanks for your efforts in supporting The Pat Summitt Foundation Fund through your Level 7 & 8 Championships.  Thank you for promoting awareness of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease coupled with financial support to invest on the front lines of research, treatment, and caregiving initiatives.  Best wishes for your event! “ 
Contributions to the Fund are tax deductible. More information can be found at www.PatSummitt.org


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Tim Rand Memorial Golf Scramble

Posted: 12.08.2011

There will be a golf scramble held with Region 8 Congress


Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Tim Rand Memorial Golf Scramble

Details to Follow

For Questions, donations or ideas please contact the Tournament Organizers:

Kenny Morphis     Brad Harris

Please plan to join us for a fun filled day of golf to commemorate the five year anniversary of Tim Rand's passing by doing something that he loved. All proceeds from this event will directly support the soon to be renamed Tim Rand Memorial Fund. The TRMF gives thousands of dollars annually to the membership of Region 8.

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2012 Region 8 Congress

Posted: 12.05.2011

Region 8 Congress will be held in Nashville, TN August 10-12, 2012.  View entire article for details.


2012 Region 8 Congress
General Information
Region 8               August 10 – 12, 2012       Nashville, TN             Sheraton Music City Hotel
The purpose of regional congress is to provide education to the teachers, coaches, judges and gymnastics business owners of the region. Education and training enable everyone to effectively and professionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts across the country.
Over 75 Sessions covering the following areas:
Coaches Education – Sessions covering popular topics for the developmental through elite gymnastics coach. Learn from leaders in the gymnastics community.
Recreational Education – A recreational track covering programs for tots through teens; be the best instructor in your gym!
Business Education – Sessions covering marketing, managing your business, staff retention and more.
Judges Education – Sessions covering compulsory, optional and elite judging criteria and technique.
Registration will begin on December 16th.
Online Registration will be available for members and printable forms will be available for all others here.
Early Bird
(Ends June 17th)
Regular Price
 (Ends August 2nd)
On-site Registration
Full Dinner
Professional, Jr. Pro & Instructor Members
Other Member Types and Non – Members
Member Clubs*
1st – $145.00
2nd - $135.00
3rd - $125.00
4th - $115.00
5th - $105.00
6th or more - $100.00
1st – $175.00
2nd - $165.00
3rd - $155.00
4th - $145.00
5th - $135.00
6th or more - $125.00
One Day Price
Friday - $75.00
Saturday - $75.00
Sunday - $50.00
Friday - $100.00
Saturday - $100.00
Sunday - $75.00
Friday - $125.00
Saturday - $125.00
Sunday - $100.00
A block of rooms has been reserved. Call by July 19, 2012            Sheraton Music City Hotel
National Travel Systems Sports Travel Team                               777 McGavock Pike
Toll Free: 1-888-603-8747; Main Line: 806-794-3135                      Nashville, TN 37214
Single/Double Rate of $110.00 + tax
Any reservations after the cut-off date will be based strictly on availability.
Please check the USA Gymnastics website – www.usa-gymnastics.org for a detailed daily schedule/speakers – coming soon.
*Offer above is only available to Pro, Jr. Pro & Instructor Members affiliated with a Member Club.
There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until August 2nd; no refunds after August 2nd.
Cancellation request must be received in writing to callen@usagym.org  
Substitution of participants will be allowed until August 2nd if submitted in writing to callen@usagym.org.
Onsite substitutions will be charged a $30 transfer fee.
Minimum age for Congress attendees is 16.


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Head Coach Needed for Sunny South Florida Gym

Posted: 09.26.2011

We are seeking a head coach to lead and strengthen our growing competitive team (levels 2-8). Must be comfortable spotting upper level bars and vault. Position includes appx 20+ hours of coaching in addition to administrative responsibilities. We are looking for the right individual that can provide leadership to our team coaches and instill leadership among our gymnasts. If you are interested in working in a beautiful facility at a family oriented gym, we are ready for you NOW! Competitive salary and benefits available. Contact AMY

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Region 8 All-Star Trip 2012

Posted: 09.15.2011


The Region 8 All-Star Trip will be held on the weekend of June 14-17, 2012 in Florida. Details and exact locations to follow. We felt that with the Olympic Games on our original weekend it created too much potential conflict.

Thank You.

Brad Harris
R 8 JO Chairman

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Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp has waiting list

Posted: 09.12.2011

The Region 8 Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp on September 30 - October 2 in Kennesaw, GA now has a waiting list for athletes.  Please contact Deb Kornegay before you send registration.

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Region 8 Committee Meeting Minutes

Posted: 09.08.2011


Region 8 Committee Meeting
July 14, 2011
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Region 8 Congress
New Orleans, LA


Deb Kornegay called the meeting to order @ 9:03 A.M.
Members present:  
Debby Kornegay – RACC                         Jackie Latino – LA              
Marian Dykes – RTCC                                Nancy Hawkins – MS         
Brad Harris – RJOCC                                 Jennie Adams – NC
Deb Walls – AL                                            Toni Rand – FL
Jon Aardema – GA                                     Joanne Child – SC
            Larry Corrigan – TN           
Guests Sheila Ragle, NAWGJ-RJD and Andy Timm
Andy Timm, the Southeast Regional AAI representative, met and spoke to everyone, just to say hi. 
Jennie Adams was appointed as secretary.
Roll call – everyone was present.
Thank you notes were circulated.
Recusals:      An explanation of recusals was presented as a result of the discussion from State Chair Workshop and recommendations by USAG lawyers stating that if any Committee member has a personal interest in a decision, he or she should be excused from the discussion and vote.
If anyone has a personal interest in a decision by the Region 8 USAG committee at all committee meetings, they will leave the room when the discussion and vote is taken.
NAWGJ – Regional Contractor
Motion                 Jon A. moved to accept NAWGJ as the Region 8 Judging Contractor
Jackie L 2nd                   Passed unanimously
WTC report:
National competition Judging Selection 2012:      
Marian Dykes reminded the Committee of the selection process for National and Regional judges, if a judge did not meet criteria she or he was moved to the bottom of the rotation list. The first 4 people who turned in requiredpaper work were made available.  All availability criteria were due May 15th, but some forms were received late.
State Committees were given the opportunity to recommend a judge(s) for a Regional/National meet, and the state’s right to choose trumped the rotation. A standing Region 8 rule states that a judge must have judged Regionals within two years to be recommended for Nationals assignment.
Marian suggested that State Committees might want to be very specific if the state wants to use a modified rotation. Names or specific criteria that should be considered would be turned in by each state.
A list of judging recommendations for Level 10 Nationals and Level 9 Easterns was presented and discussed. Marian and Sheila recused themselves.
Region 8 judges for 2012 Level 10 JO National – Marian Dykes, René Niccollai, Sheila Ragle and Winnie Witten.
Motion                 Nancy H moved that the assignments be accepted for Level 10 Nationals as presented.
Deb W 2nd           Passed unanimously
Region 8 judge for Level 9 Easterns – Evelyn Chandler, Joan Gnat and Diane Thompson. Alternate Kathy Kuhn.
Motion                 Nancy H moved to accept the assignments for Level 9 Easterns as presented.
Larry C 2nd          Passed unanimously
Discussion of Regional judging assignments:                 
There is no formula for creating these assignments, however Marian and Sheila factored in the following criteria for recommending the list of judges.
·      Quality of athletes seen in the state,
·      # of judges who turned in their availability,
·      Meet site location
The State Committees from LA, AL, and FL had submitted names for recommendation. The remaining states asked to have the Regionals rotation procedure followed.
Sheila Ragle recused herself for the following discussion and vote:
Judges for Level 9 & 10 Regionals – Mary Ann Wallace, Phyllis Thompson, Joan Gant, Evelyn Chandler, René Niccollai, Cookie Batsche, Sheila Ragle, Sharon Doyle, Kristi Aguilar, Patricia Boudreaux, Teri Jenkins, Diane Thompson, Terri Costa, Portia Propst, Winnie Witten, Sibby Lane and Marian Dykes MR. Alternates – FL Toni Rand and Chelle Stack GA – Gwyned Bius
Motion                 Brad H moved to accept the slate of judges for 9/10 Regionals as presented.
Nancy H 2nd        Passed unanimously
Jennie Adams and Nancy Hawkins recused themselves for the following discussion and vote:
Judges for Level 7 & 8 Regionals - Sharon Griffin, Tammye Goehring, Denise Brumsey, Carol Curley, Marilyn Bishop, Chris Jackson, Kathy Kuhn, Brenda Eberhardt, Nancy Hawkins, Mary Jane McDaniels, Kim Stenson, Jennie Adams, Janet Efland, Carol Olney, Kerma Headrick, Sibby Lane and Marian Dykes MR
Motion                 Marian D moved to accept the slate of judges for 7/8 Regionals as amended.
Joanne C 2nd      Passed unanimously
Reminder for judge assignments for Prep Regionals:
Prep Regionals Meet Referee must come from the home state. 
The state committee should recommend two judges from own state for Prep Regionals.
Break – 10:27     Back at 10:37
Judges for Xcel Regionals:
Panel 1 – Jamie Wallace, Diane Peeks, Catherine Fariz, Suzanne Tonietto, Gwyned Bius, Debbie Harned, Susan Sommer, Michelle Martin, Mary Thacker, Glynn Hankins, John O’Dell, Mary Hoagland, Mendi Knisley, Carol Olney, Teri Jenkins, Bobbye Strickland and Mary Moore MR
Panel 2 – Stephanie Kuhlmann, Mary Ann Wallace, Phyllis Thompson, Kevn McNamara, Serena Albauer, June Seymore, Marian Dykes, Cynthia Davis, Dana Kling, Sharon Doyle, Sheila Ragle, Brenda Eberhardt, Jennie Adams, Terri Costa, Diane Thompson and Janet Efland
Motion                 Joanne C moved to accept the slate of judges for Prep Regionals as amended.
Jon Aa 2nd          Passed unanimously.
Motion                 Nancy H moved that the alternate panel be accepted as presented.
Jackie L 2nd       Passed unanimously
Sheila, Jennie, Toni, and Marian recused themselves.
If the Prep Regional meet goes to two panels, then a second request to judge Regionals will be sent to judges who have fulfilled the original availability and are listed on Panel 2 above. 
Deb K stated that coaches should be reminded that Thursday night could be added to the length of the Prep Regionals.
The Committee had a discussion confirming the continuation of the rule that the Region 8 Committee should make the effort to limit to one regional meet assignment per judge.
When discussing the question “Does a judge have to judge state meet to be eligible to judge Regionals?”, Deb K reminded the states that it is up to the state Committees to determine each state’s policy.
Marian asked for and received the names of the CPE coordinator from each state.
The Judges Availability Form was changed to ask for the number of gymnasts judged at each level during the season. No forms shall be accepted before the deadline of April 1. The current In-gym card was reviewed and accepted.
Deb K reminded each State Committee to have their State Meet Judging Selection to Marian by October 17th. This is a new and earlier date.
Sheila Ragle spoke to the Committee about the following two topics covered at the national NAWGJ meeting in Las Vegas:
Meet Directors should be encouraged to arrange for physical separation of judges on events.
Meet Directors are encouraged to be independent when requesting judges and should not be pressured into accepting a suggestion of a judge’s friend for assignment. (Avoid solicitation by judges)
Sheila Ragle left the meeting.
RTCC & RJOCC report:
RTC and JO Committees have been meeting jointly and working on compulsories for 2013. The committees are trying hard to not change much before the new quadrennium. They’ve been trying to ensure consistencies of programs throughout the transition process.
Brad H. talked about the forthcoming changes to the programs for all levels. The released changes are available on the USA Gymnastics website.
RACC report
Deb K stated that if the entry fee for Prep/Xcel meet is $35 or less, then the altered judge fee is used. If the entry fee is more than $35, then the regular judging fee is used.
Regional Petition forms must be in hand to Deb and Marian officially on the Monday after the Optional State Meet. Doctor’s letter and score sheets are accepted until Wednesday after state competition.
There has been a change in sanction violations notification. The meet director will get the letter for the violation as well as the member who caused the infraction.
New clarification: An entry is not valid until an entry fee is paid and knowledge that the payment has cleared the bank. (Cash or certified check may be required)
Regional Committee Concerns:
Deb K passed around the Address List (Webs and Emergencies) for verification.
Deb K asked that State Chairs to update state websites links to Region 8 site before 8/1/11.
Deb K passed out the new updated planners. All State Chairs expressed appreciation.
Deb K asked the State Chairs for dates of each State Meets in spring
Deb K informed the Committee that there were a few bids for Regionals (2013) in hand, but that the bids would not be closed until the December Region 8 Committee meeting.
Deb K handed out copies of the 2011-2012 Region 8 Address Book and told the group that it was as complete a list of members and clubs as ever.  Deb suggested that state judging directors and state chairs take active responsibility for keeping the updates current in the future.
Appoint Region 8 representative for Prep/Xcel national meeting
Motion                 Jon A moved to have Deb K represent the Region 8 at the Prep/Xcel meeting.
Larry C 2nd          Passed unanimously
Regional Financial Statement - Deb passed out the individual states’ financial statements and the Region 8 financial statement from USA Gymnastics. She asked the state chairs to double check each account for correctness.
Travel fund is in good shape with $12,465.39 in hand. This is the fund that provides a training/travel opportunity to the Region 8 gymnasts who finished first at Easterns and Nationals. This year they’ll be traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica in late July.
Deb K reminded each state to send $1000 for the auction fee to Region 8.
Deb K presented the fundraising idea of having an online silent auction. She asked if the Committee would be interested. Someone would need to have knowledge of the process and set it up online. Brad suggested that if a goal for the funds generated by the auction-sale were tied to an item (i.e. x # of $ could purchase grips for the National qualifiers, etc.) then participants might be more willing to bid. He suggested a venue like a Wishing Tree for individual gifts or donations to athletes.
Prep/Xcel Regional Competition Setup – It was agreed that the same format should be kept for Pre/Xcel Regionals. There was more discussion was about whether to keep the ability for individual gymnasts to enter gym club team competition + individual competition or individual competition and no team competition at all. No action was taken, but Deb K asked the committee to be thinking about a different qualifying format if the need arises.
Prep/Xcel Rules – Deb K opened format. Deb K presented the items that the group did not agree on and needed more discussion and then consensus. Please see published Xcel rules for 2011-2012.
Deb K asked the state chairs to let membership know that Sophomore/Junior forms are online.
The acceptance of the Hall of Fame nomination timeline was set for the December meeting and for no other times.
Hall of Fame Ceremony 2011 procedure was explained. A voice-over was added to the resumes for the video presentation. Deb K asked for an evaluation of the new format.
Regional JO Program
Level 9 Specialist
Motion                 Marian D moved that Level 9 specialist be allowed at Regionals with a 9.5 earned on the event at States.
Larry C 2nd                      Passed unanimously
Jackie Latino presented the Financial Statement for 2011 Level 9/10 Regionals. The LA USAG account lost money on the meet. Jackie explained that the largest part of the problem was caused by an unexpected overage on the food expenses.
Motion                 Marian D moved that the competition fee for the Level 9/10 Regionals be discounted to become $2719.59 instead of the original $3416.94.
Larry C 2nd                      Passed unanimously
Brad H. stated that there should be no expectation for food in Coaches hospitality at Regionals. Deb K led a long discussion comparing the costs of running the three different Regional meets. It was decided that the Regional Committee would take each Regional’s financial report and situation on a case by case basis.
Regional entry fee – Because the National fees were raised for the 2011-2012 year, the committee discussed whether the Regional entry fees should be raised. The Committee tried to determine if raising the entry fee could help with the Tim Rand Fund principle. The issue will be discussed later. No action was taken.
Deb reminded the chairs to follow the agreed upon procedures for purchasing and wearing the Team Leotards for Regionals. Joanne asked that GK be approached to provide a representative who would be more helpful in coordinating, ordering, and distributing the Regional leotards, in addition to living in the Region 8. Jackie and Joanne offered to obtain bids from leotard and warm-up companies for comparison. In the State team competition for Level 7 and Level 8 long-sleeved leotards must be the same for all states with not state name. Warm-ups for State team competition must be same, but bling and name would be added individually.
Break @ 3:15
MeetMaker Online registration for Regionals:   Deb Kornegay explained her decision to remain with MeetMaker for one more year before putting the registration process up for bids. She would like any comparable computer program to be seasoned. She asked that Committee members report any of the problems coaches encountered to her.
Deb K asked that the Inventory Report form be submitted by 8-15-11.
Deb K asked that the USAG Competitive Information form be submitted by 8-31-11.
Deb K asked that the state chairs add Marian D and Deb K to the individual states’ group email list.
Competitions fees for meets in a state hosted by a Meet Director from another state:
Motion                 Toni R moved that competition fees for Invitationals should be paid to the state account in which the meet is sanctioned. For 2011-2012, the state that physically holds the meet should be the assignor of the judges and collector of the competition fees.
Larry C 2nd                     Passed unanimously
If a team does not pay an entry fee, then the gymnast is not validly entered until the fee is paid.
Other Business:
Motion                 Brad H moved that the Winter meeting be held in Nashville on Dec. 16th at 9:00 am.
Deb W 2nd                       7 For – 3 Opposed Motion Passed.
2014 Region 8 Regional dates set:
Motion     Jennie A moved that Prep Regionals be held on the first weekend in April 2014.
Jackie L 2nd                   5 For  5 Opposed     Deb K broke tie and voted No. Motion did not pass.
Motion                 Marian D moved to have Prep Regionals on May 16-17, 2014
Joanne C 2nd      4 For               5 Opposed                Motion did not pass
Motion                 Deb K asked that Committee members vote for either April 4-6, 2014 or May 16-18, 2014 for Prep Regionals.
6 members voted for April 4-6                      4 members voted for the May 16-18.
2014 Prep Regionals will be held on April 4-6.
Level 7/8 Regionals will be held April 25-27th, 2014.
Deb K informed the Committee that Loree Gallimore had invited all State Chairs to a meal for the  Club Owner/Business Seminar on Thursday afternoon at the Loews Hotel restaurant on 300 Poydres.
Brad H – All Star trip report:
There’s a gym in San Jose, Costa Rica, that has helped Brad set up the trip. Brad created a leotard and grip drive to take hundreds of leos and grips to the host club. The gymnasts will also provide a clinic for the host. The gymnasts and coaches will be leaving on July 28th. State chairs offered to help by sending team leotards from previous years.
Motion                 Larry C moved to adjourn.
Jackie L 2nd                   Passed unanimously
4:46 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Jennie Kennel Adams
     Acting secretary


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Region 8 Bid Information Packet

Posted: 08.30.2011

If you are interest in bidding on a Region 8 Competition or Training Camp please email Deb Kornegay to ask for Region 8 Bid Information Packet.

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