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Region 8 Financial Statement

Posted: 09.24.2014

You can find the financial statement for 7/1/13-6/30/14 for Region 8 USA Gymnastics HERE.

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2014-2015 Address Book and Planner Now available2014-2015 Address Book and Planner are now available! Address Book order form Planner order form

Posted: 09.19.2014

2014-2015 Address Book and Planner are now available!

Address Book order form    Planner order form

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2015 Region 8 Congress

Posted: 09.19.2014

2015 Region 8 Congress will be held in New Orleans at Hilton New Orleans Riverside June 19-21.

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Sad News

Posted: 06.23.2014

It is with a very sad heart that I tell you that Hoylene Noble, USA Gymnastics Region 8 Administrative Committee from 1987 to 1997 and Georgia State Committee Chairman from 1977 to 1987, passed away Saturday, June 21, 2014 after a short hospital stay for heart condition.  

Service is Wednesday, June 25th with visitation 1:00-3:00 at Sam Jones United Methodist Church, Cartersville, GA. Service follows at 3:00.  In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that contributions be made to Region 8 USA Gymnastics for the Tim Rand Legends Fund.

Please make checks payable to Region 8 USAG. Please write TRLF on memo/for line of check. Mail to 394 Stonebridge Road, Birmingham, AL. 35210. The Tim Rand Legends Fund was developed to provide a way for the families and friends of loved ones who devoted their lives to the wonderful sport of gymnastics to contribute in their memory. The Tim Rand Legends Fund supports the athletes by paying their entry fee to their national competition each year. We have been honored to be able to pay these entry fees for our athletes for the past 5 years.

All sympathy cards should be mailed to Hoylene's son Scott Noble. 126 Williams Street, Ringgold, GA. 30736.

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2014 Address Book and Planner Now available

Posted: 06.18.2014

2014 Address Book and Planner are now available!

Address Book order form    Planner order form

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Level 9 & 10 Regionals Meet Results

Posted: 04.15.2014

Level 9 & 10 meet results are HERE.

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Dates for 2015 Training Camps

Posted: 01.15.2014

Dates for 2015 Training Camps
           Regional Team - Level 7 & 8, July 24-26, 2015
National Team Training Camp, September 11-13, 2015
Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp, October 2-4, 2015
Bid form for these Training Camps are available HERE.

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Bids Awarded

Posted: 01.15.2014

The Region 8 Committee awarded the following bids at our meeting in December.


Training Camps

Regional Team – Level 7 & 8 Training Camp, July 18-20, 2014 will be held at Gymnastix Training Center, Buford, GA

National Team Training Camp, September 5-7, 2014 will be held at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Level 8, 9 & 10 Training Camp, October 10-12, 2014 will be held at Orlando Metro, Orlando, FL 

Regional Competitions

2015 Level 9 & 10 Regionals – April 16-19, 2015 will be held at Manatee Center, Bradenton, FL

2015 Level 7 & 8 Regionals – April 23-26, 2015 will be held at Mobile Convention Center, Mobile, AL

2015 Xcel Regionals – April 30 – May 3, 2015 will be held at Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, GA


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Minutes from Region 8 Committee meeting

Posted: 07.31.2013

The minutes from the Region 8 Committee meeting June 20, 2013 are posted below:


Minutes of Region 8 Committee Meeting
June 20, 2013
Region 8 Congress
Crowne Plaza Ravinia        
Atlanta, GA
Chairperson Deb K called the meeting to order at 9:03. She asked all members to put phones on mute.
Members present:      
Debby Kornegay – RACC                      Shelley Weil - LA                                
Marian Dykes – RTCC                           Nancy Hawkins – MS  
Brad Harris – RJOCC                            Jennie Adams – NC
Elaine Wulf – RXCC                              Joanne Child – SC
Deb Walls – AL - Absent ill                    Larry Corrigan – TN
Toni Rand – FL                                      Sheila Ragle – RJD NAWGJ Non voting
Michelle Pomerantz – GA                              
Jennie A was appointed secretary.
Deb K circulated thank you notes that had been sent to the Committee since the last meeting.
Deb K reminded the Committee that recusal were appropriate for any member who had a conflict of interest on any of the Committee’s decisions.
Motion           Marian D                    moved to renew the contract with NAWGJ for Region 8.
2nd                   Toni R.                        Passed unanimously
WTC – Marian Dykes addressed the Committee to request that the bid for 2014 Xcel Regionals be awarded before the committee selected judges for National and Regional competitions.
Regional Meet Bids
·       Deb K presented two bids for the 2014-Xcel Regionals:      
o   Foothills Gymnastics in Hickory, NC with the meet to be held at the Hickory Metro Convention Center, and
o   Edgewater Gymnastics in Panama City, FL with the meet to be held at the Edgewater Beach Resort.
Motion     Nancy L    moved to award the bid for the 2014 Xcel Regional, to be held May 16-18, 2014 to Foothills Gymnastics of Hickory, NC. Meet director – Constance Snyder.
2nd                   Shelley W      Passed unanimously
Sheila Ragle joined the meeting.
  • Marian D. reported that there were two judges that were tardy to sessions at the 2013 Level 9/10 Regional meet in Jackson, MS. The Committee discussed the disciplinary actions to be applied to the judging personnel. 
Motion           Marian D.                  moved that if a judge is late to a Regional competition or a session of a Regional competition the Committee will reprimand the  judge and/or suspend the judge from Regional competition for a      determined amount of time based on the degree of infraction.
2nd                   Elaine W        Passed unanimously
The Committee took action on the infractions from 2013 Regionals.
  • Marian opened the discussion for the Committee relating to the 2014 Regional Judging Selection. The question posed was how should the Committee incorporate the new judges eligible for a potential National meet assignment into the existing rotation.
The Committee members reinforced that the existing rules should be consistently applied.
Motion           Nancy L.                    moved to approve the proposed slate of judges for 2014 Level 10 Nationals – Sheila Ragle, Paul Padron, Mary Lou Dillard and Kristi Aguilar
2nd                   Michelle P.                Passed
Motion           Jennie A.                   moved to approve the proposed slate of judges for the 2014 Level 9 Eastern – Marian Dykes, Cookie Batsche, Diane Thompson and Evelyn Chandler
2nd                   Joann C.                    Passed unanimously
Motion           Marian D.                   moved to approve the proposed slate of judges for the 2014 Level 9/10 Regionals  - Mary Lou Dillard, Mendi Knisley, Evelyn Chandler, Cookie Batsche, Denise Weaver, Sharyn Strickland, Sheila Ragle, Kim Joye, Sharon Doyle, Marilyn Bishop, Kathy Kuhn, Kristi Aguilar, Diane Thompson, Kim Stenson, Paul Padron, Kerma Headrick, Marian Dykes. Alternate – Mary Ann Wallace.
2nd                   Toni R.                        Passed            9-1 vote.
Jennie A stepped out of the room.
Motion           Nancy L                      moved to approve the proposed slate of judges for the 2014 Level 7/8 Regionals – Gayli Craver, Mary Ann Wallace, Carol Curley, Nelena Beck, Cathy Campfield, Jane Baseman, Branda Eberhardt, Kerri Thornton, Bobbye Strickland, Mary Moore, Jennie Adams, Karen Pleasants, Vicki Walker, Sue Dolinar, Sibby Lane, and Marian Dykes
2nd                   Shelley W.                 Passed unanimously
Sheila R. and Jennie A. stepped out of the room.
            Motion           Nancy L.                     moved to approve the proposed slate of judges of the 2014 Xcel Regionals (both panels) as presented.
2nd                  Michelle P.                  Passed unanimously – Panel 1 – Annette Burgin, Phyllis Thompson, Nikki Spinelli, Susan Monahan, Gwyned Bius, Kathlyn Skeslock, Michelle Martin, Diane Thompson, Mary Thacker, Mary Moore, John O’Dell, Jennie Adams, Janet Efland, Davita Ivey, Kerma Headrick, Mary Phelps.
Panel 2 – Carol Smitherman, Diane Peeks, Vinnie Dimaggio, Rose Casterline, Arlene Glass, Chris Jackson, Dana Kling, Cynthia Davis, Bobbye Strickland, Gynn Hankins, Karen Pleasants, Sue Dolinar, Mendi Knisley, Sheila Ragle, Amy Arnts.
Deb K reminded the Committee members that their state’s CPE coordinator needed to have State Committee approval by August 1st.
Marian presented the updated Regional Availability form, and In-Gym Card format to the Committee for review. Judges should be reminded that all four pages of the form must be completed and returned to be eligible for a Regional assignment. 
Marian reminded the State Chairs that judges names, selected for only the 2014 Optional State Meets, should be sent to Marian by November 1, 2013. Judges must retest and pass at their current rating by December 31, 2013 for assignments to hold.
Reports           RXCC              Elaine Wulf
  • The first meeting in Orlando was a good experience. There was a good mix of people who had experience with the programs in their Regions.
  • All information is unofficial until final approval by USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny.           
  • Another on-line meeting is scheduled for July 1st. Then rules will be posted soon after.
  • There will be an Xcel manual. Questions about Skills and Value Parts will be referenced back to the Code of Points.
  • There will be an Xcel manual. Questions about skills and Value Parts will be referenced back to the Code of Points.
  • JO and Xcel are two entirely separate programs with two different philosophy statements.
  • Elaine’s email will be posted on the Region 8 website in case any of the members want to be on her Xcel email list.
Reports           RTCC              Marian Dykes                       Please look at the national minutes for items approved by Women’s Technical Committee. Of note, a piked Tsukahara beam dismount was given the name of a Region 8 gymnast. The Keck.
Reports           RJOCC            Brad Harris                Please look at the national minutes for items approved by JO Committee.
Reports          RACC              Deb Kornegay           Please look at the national minutes for items approved by Women’s Administrative Committee. Of note, Monday night following a State Meet will be the new deadline for Petition form to Regionals.
Regional Board Concerns
Motion           Joanne C                   moved that the qualifying score for Xcel Regional is a 34.00
2nd                   Shelley                       Passed unanimously
Recognition of Wounded Warriors was chosen as the focus for charitable donations for the 2014 & 2015 Regionals competitions. The leotard colors will be Red, White, and Blue. There are WW organizations in every state that would be willing to give assistance at State Meets.
New Rails will be required at the 2014 Regional competitions. Each State Meet should make sure to have them – if only for the high bar.
Motion           Brad H                        moved to have the RACC do a draw for all Regionals by computer  program before the first competition day. The athletes starting events are subject to change to expedite the competition after the coaches meeting.
2nd                   Nancy L                      Passed unanimously
Procedure for fining coach/club/state for not wearing apparel at Nationals
Motion           Brad H                        moved that the USA Gymnastics State Accounts will pay a fine of $100.00 for the first occurrences if one of its coach’s/club’s does not wear the Regional apparel at Easterns or Nationals. Fine will be increased for subsequent occurrences.
2nd                   Jennie A                    Passed unanimously
Address lists for Web and Emergencies – Deb K asked the state chairs for updates
Deb K asked State Chairs to link each State Competitive Calendar to the Region 8 website before August 1, 2013.
Deb K informed the members that the Calendar for Regional events will be ready for sale in August.
State chairs gave Deb K the dates for each state meet to be held in their individual states.
Deb K thanked Meet Integrity for assembling and printing the Region 8 Address books for 2013-14.
Deb K presented and explained the Region 8 Financial report and asked for questions from the members. Report will be available on the Region 8 website.
Deb K reported that the All Star trip’s airfare expenses have been paid by the Travel Fund. The gymnasts and coaches will be traveling to Puerto Rico in late July.
Regional Meet dates for 2015 were announced. The Region 8 Committee will accept bids for the following dates:
·       Level 9/10 Regionals               April 16-19, 2015
·       Level 7/8 Regionals                 April 23-26, 2015
·       Xcel Regionals                        April 30-May 3, 2015
Deb K asked the state chairs to remind the membership that bid packet is available and may be requested from Deb K.
The Hall of Fame Ceremony 2013 is ready for Saturday night. Brad H. will introduce the honored athletes and coaches. Marian D. will introduce the inductee, Diane Thompson, along with her video and voice over.
The suggested dates and sites for the 2014 Region 8 Congress were decided and will be given to USAG for them to request bids:
·       1st choice of dates                  July 11-13, 2014
·       2nd choice of dates                 June 20-22, 2014
·       Sites – Tampa , New Orleans, & Nashville
Regional JO Program Report – Financial Statements from 2013 Regional Competitions
·       Level 9/10 Regionals in Jackson had an overall loss. The Region 8 Committee’s policy of allowing the return of the athlete fee to the meet director will recover the loss of funds.
·       Level 7/8 Regionals in Atlanta showed a profit.
·       Level Xcel Regionals in Clemson showed a profit. However the grant from the City of Clemson made the difference between profit and loss.
The members discussed at length the cost of providing meals for coaches at Regional competitions.  The following statement was created:
Due to the high cost of catering and facility rental at Regional Competitions coaches expectations for provided food must change from expected to not provided. If food is provided, it is only for coaches with back to back sessions.

The Regional Entry fees will remain the same for 2014.
State Chairmen Concerns:
  • Deb K asked the State Chairs to be on alert at the Region 8 Congress beginning Friday for any problems that might arise. She asked the SC’s to make themselves available for helping at the registration desk throughout the Congress. The Committee would like participants to leave Atlanta remembering that it was a good learning experience.
  • Deb K asked that help in the apparel room from the SC’s be better at the 9/10 Regionals. If an SC is unable to attend, she asked that a substitute (someone from the State Committee) be lined up to provide assistance to Colleen throughout the weekend. Help is needed at all the Regional events.
  • The State Chair Workshop at National Congress in Hartford will be on Sunday afternoon.
  • Deb K asked for an idea of who is going to be available to help at the Regional Training Camps.
The State Chairs were reminded to publish and provide a good voting experience to the entire membership, if entire membership votes for the Coach/Judge/Athlete/Club of the Year in each of the states. Club of the year may also be voted on by State Committee.
Divisions of Xcel State Meets to be held in each state.
  • Not every state will have every Division of the Xcel program for 2014.
Motion           Brad H            moved that athletes, residing in a state that does not offer a Division of Xcel at their State Meet, may qualify to Xcel Regionals by using an AA score of 1.0 higher than the Regional Qualifying score earned twice at a meet using 2-judge panels. A record of the earned scores must be sent to the State Chairperson.
2nd                  Jennie A        Passed unanimously
Reminders to the State Chairs:
  • Deb K reminded the State Chairs that the Inventory report was due August 15, 2013.
  • The USA Gymnastics Competitive Information report is due August 31, 2015. The report that asks for state meet qualifying scores.
  • Deb K asked that she and Marian be added to each state’s membership email list.
The Tim Rand Fund Committee reported that the total entry fees paid in 2013 for Nationals and Easterns was an impressive $20,750.00. State Chairs need to remind the receiving clubs that donations back to the Fund are always need to sudstain the principle.
Regional Apparel Presentations:
  • Cory of Alpha Factor presented her line of leotards and war-up apparel
    • Warm-ups would be in Red and Navy
    • The state’s name would be on the back of the jacket with scattered crystals. - $95.
    • Two other choices of styles and decorations were priced at $101 and $105 for the package.
    • The leotard can be designed with ¾ sleeves. Tanks would cost around $25.
    • Nylon leggings and pants were also available.
  • Lea and Mary presented for Ozone
    • Tanks would run about $20, but could be upgraded for $6 more.
    • There were two different styles of jackets.
    • There would be no navy leotards in stock but a navy starburst and ¾ length sleeves available.
    • The “fit” from the 2013 leotard has been tweaked, but the nylon leo fits much better.
    • The package price for the states would be $79.95.
    • Individual apparel would be distributed from the Ozone booth, as was done for 2013 Regionals.
  • Kylee and Amanda presented for GymKin. Modeling was by Julia.
    • A white, silver Mystique leotard with 3000 Sequinz, ¾ sleeve cost $60.
    • A red leotard choice was $35.
    • Jackets paired with Capri were presented. A Micro knit warm-up jacket with the state logo on the back and the Region 8 embroidered on the front was available.
    • Tanks ran from $20 to $30, with shorts @ $10 – grip bag included.
    • GymKin will deliver from the booth but needs guidelines about who is eligible to do the pick up.
    • A full set of sizers is provided for State Meet sizing.
 The Committee voted on the company to receive the bid for Regional Team apparel:
  • GymKin will provide the Team Apparel. Individual states may choose which company provides their state apparel.
  • The team leotard will be the ¾ sleeve Red leo with blue and silver stars – Option #1.
  • The Committee approved Warm-up Option #1 with the flag emblem moved to the leg of the pant.
  • The cost of the total Team Attire will be $120.
Motion           Nancy L                      moved to adjourn
2nd                   Jennie            A                    Passed unanimously               3:56 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Jennie Adams
The next Committee meeting will be the Winter Region 8 Committee Meeting to be held on December 9, 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

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Training Camp Information

Posted: 07.02.2013

Criteria for petition consideration for Region 8 National Team Training Camp…..effective 7-1-13

Petitions will be considered if:

1) A gymnast was injured during the same year as the camp and achieved the AA score of 37.00 + (during that year) at a sanctioned competition.
2) A gymnast qualified to the previous year's National Meet at the same level as they are when petitioning.
3) NIT Qualifiers from the previous year will be wait-listed and accepted ONLY if space is available.

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