In Good Standing List for Region 8 Eastern and JO National Coaches Apparel

Posted: 03.07.2018

In order for coaches to receive apparel at no cost for Easterns and JO Nationals the club must be in "Good Standing".
"In Good Standing" is defined as:
1. Host a Camp within the last 2 years OR
2. Send volunteer coaches to a Camp to actively work with gymnasts within the last 2 years OR
3. Send athletes to a Camp within the last 2 years OR
4. Make a $1,000 donation to the Regional Apparel Fund. (Prior to start of Regional Championships)
Coaches of clubs that are not in "Good Standing" must purchase apparel by paying $200 (1 day of competition), $250 (2 days of competition), or $300 (3 days of competition) per coach for the appropriate apparel and wear apparel at Easterns and JO Nationals or their state will be fined.  
Due to below motion the Region 8 All Star Trip will be cancelled.
Motion                       Brad H Due to the current climate and statements about travel made by USA Gymnastics, the 2018 Region 8 All State Trip and future Region 8 All Star Trips will be cancelled until policies can be clarified.
2nd                             Toni R
To check to see if your gym is In Good Standing with Region 8 USA Gymnastics click HERE.
If you volunteered or had athletes attend a training camp in 2016 or 2017 and you are not on the Good Standing list please contact Deb.

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